Peter J. Russo: A Family Law Attorney in Harrisburg PA Offering Experience and Affordability

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – For many people, finding a family law attorney in Harrisburg PA is something they are doing for the very first time. When issues come up unexpectedly, it is difficult to know what to look for in the person who will represent you or guide you through your dispute. In many cases, the choice comes down to whether they are able to afford a high end lawyer who has proven successful in the past or a lawyer who they can afford to pay. Without having gone through the experience before, they may have no idea what to expect when their bill for legal services arise. Attorney Peter J. Russo ( understands the confusion that finding the right attorney adds to an already difficult situation.

Legal matters that involve family relationships are especially delicate. Families may be concerned about having to air their dirty laundry in a courtroom. One way to avoid this that is often effective and affordable is to hire a family law attorney in Harrisburg PA who is also a skilled mediator. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo understand that their clients don’t like to go to court and they don’t like investing their time and money into a long, drawn-out legal dispute. Mediation reduces the amount of contact clients must have with lawyers and prevents them from having to discuss matters in the courtroom that they would rather keep to themselves.

Experience is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a family law attorney in Harrisburg PA. No one should have to pay more to get a qualified, experienced attorney with a genuine interest in helping them get a satisfactory outcome. Instead, dependable and experienced representation should be the status quo. For clients in the Harrisburg PA region, the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo offers uncompromising representation whether the case would best be resolved through traditional litigation or through mediation. They are the law firm that doesn’t make clients choose between experience and affordability.

About the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo

The Law Offices of Peter J. Russo ( are family law attorneys with more than 20 years of combined experience. They are active leaders in the family law community through the Pennsylvania and Cumberland County Bar Associations and the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association. They provide services in a broad range of areas under family law including divorce, child custody and support, adoption, and asset protection. When urgent family matters arise, clients can count on the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo to respond with an efficient, effective legal strategy and attentive services that will achieve the best response.

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