New Condominium Management Concept Making Big Waves in Houston

HOUSTON, TX (July 31, 2016)— A new holistic concept unveiled in Houston, Texas last month demonstrates that the industry of condominium management has entered a new phase of innovation. Once known as a stagnant industry rampant with boutique shops, condominium and townhome associations have a new ally in Rise Association Management Group ((RISE) (

Rise, founders Jason Delgado and John Elmore, offer a new take an on the old industry of condominium management: run it like a business. While this may not seem innovative at all, in practice, it is turning heads. “We believe community associations should be set up for success and we didn’t see that happening—instead bad or no advice prevailed. So we started with our core offering of a CFO for your community association and added facilities management and risk management around that to give you expertise in all three areas.” said Delgado, who has previously served as CFO to a management company and insurance agency operating in the Southwest United States. “All of the components of property management are linked together: property maintenance, financial planning, insurance and risk management. They all have to be pushing toward the same goals and communicating with each other if you want to improve” he added. Condominium management services, an idea that’s been around a while, Rise has just perfected it.

John Elmore, former Marine and cofounder of this condominium management group, approaches this with a background in project and risk management, “often the obstacle is that there hasn’t been a plan in place for a long time and focus on solving exactly that.” What he is referring to is called the Community Association Financial Strength Plan, or CAFS Plan for short, which is a proprietary system developed by Rise in condominium management services, which he describes as financial playbook for community associations. “Board members have a lot of responsibility and need a true CFO, a true facilities manager and a true risk manager to guide their decisions but above all they need a plan. That’s what we do.”

Rise Association Management Group is a condominium management services company specializing in condominium associations and townhome associations in Houston, San Antonio and coastal communities. To learn more about Rise please visit or to request a quote please contact rise at (713) 936-9200 or

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