Who is surfing, who is working? The Time Tracker knows

Managing employees’ work time is a big problem for modern business world. In the past, there were a few disconnected solutions in time tracking, and an efficient centralization of accumulated information was almost impossible. With technological advances, today’s business has an efficient centralized time tracker system, which is a combination of hardware and software parts.

Time tracking now means keeping log of all important and small tasks and assignments completed in any given period. An automatic time tracker reduces overhead in other fields like payroll, project management, or tracking employees’ productivity.

An accurate time tracker allows an employer to control computer activities of employees on different projects and tasks. A software solution (like our CrocoTime) designed for tracking employees’ time allows you to record billable hours properly and make necessary modifications in workflow for greater efficiency.

The employee time tracker has different functions. If you recruit employees for a third party and bill the client based on work hours spent, you can bill correct invoices by reporting the exact work hours.

Manage Projects, Analyze Projects

Employee tracking for workflow management or project management is based on the principle of full transparency of the work. You can see which task took too much time, who was effective in completing a certain job, and other specific information that you can analyze and make appropriate corrections in project management. Since you have a precise and detailed report, you can accurately plan all your future projects better by assigning efficient hands for specific tasks.

An automatic time tracker not only records timesheets and generates reports, but it may also be integrated into accounting systems, billing systems or other project management tools. The less time an employer wants to spend on his employees, the more the need of an integrated employee time tracker. When integrated into an in-house billing system, an employee time tracking software helps to generate invoices based on time worked.

Of course, you don’t have to hire a person at the counter just to record time and attendance of staff. The productivity of such a system of tracking employees’ time with paper and pencil ends there, and you’ll get so little information from those reports. An employee time tracker reports to you a spreadsheet file which you can access over your own network or over Web. You will accurately know where employees are, even while you are visiting another country.

Consider the case of CrocoTime, the time tracker that saves your business from becoming a sinking ship. CrocoTime allows employers to track activities of employees – separate the real hard-workers from pretenders. You can monitor their arrival to the office, their work time and time of departure from the office.

You can track work time budget too on concrete projects and tasks and create reports on any side of employees efficiency you select. The employees understand that their work activities are tracked and it motivates them to be more punctual and productive.
The most of the CrocoTime customers use its reports to recognize the employees that deserve a promotion, demotion, or maybe dismissal.

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