Rise Association Management Group Launches New Homeowner Portal

HOUSTON, TX (August 4, 2016)— Condominium and townhome owners can feel a little bit of relief as their interaction with their condominium management just got a little bit easier. Rise Association Management Group (https://www.riseamg.com/condo-association-management/), a management firm specializing in townhomes and condominium management, including mid-rise and high-rise associations, has announced the launch of its new website which will feature a homeowner portal. Condominium management services at your finger tips complete with comprehensive dashboards for easy viewing.

Homeowners can make payments, communicate work order requests, view account history, download governing documents and more through this portal provided by their condominium management. Board members can run real time aging and accounts receivable reports as well as see financials and board member financial dashboards as they are released.

RISE, condominium management website offers something for everyone. A new standard in condominium management, it can guide condominium board members, helping them self-diagnose issues they may be experiencing, providing a space to work with the condominium management or other board members toward an appropriate solution. “The online experience should be pleasant, easy and genuinely make life easier for the owners in our communities,” said Jason Delgado, co-founder of Rise. “Many times website for the sake of having a website but ours was reverse engineered based on the functions we want to it to fulfill.” RISE is not just another condominium management service, they partner with you, providing tools like this portal so you have real time data for informed decision making.

“We love feedback and want to know how best our website suits you as an owner,” said John Elmore, co-founder of Rise. “The design and content are based on you and future iterations will continue to reflect that involvement,” he added. This is not just RISE’s software or tool, this is something to improve your level of condominium management through communication and service. Try the portal, let us know what does/does not work, maybe you have an idea for an addition, again, RISE and you are partners for your success. Another reason to make RISE your condominium management service.

Rise Association Management Group is a community association management company specializing in condominium association management and townhome association management in Houston, San Antonio and coastal communities. To learn more about Rise please visit www.riseamg.com or to request a quote please contact rise at (713) 936-9200 or info@riseamg.com.


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