Sendo Sensor Offers High Performance and Top Quality Ceramic Pressure Sensor

Ceramic sensors are generally built and used in harsh environments, which are affordable and best in quality when compared to their stainless steel pressure sensor counterparts. One of the popular and highly reliable pressure sensor manufacturer and suppliers in the world, Sendo Sensor offers the best quality ceramic sensors. Their highly experienced and skilled staffs specialize in designing, producing and supplying a multitude of ceramic pressure sensors that delivers high performance.

Their ceramic pressure transducer or sensor can be used in various applications like gasoline measurement and hydraulic/brake fluid, for wafer processing and high pressure pneumatic control, and medical applications. Sendo Sensor offers top quality ceramic sensors, which have some great features like:

  • High level of accuracy and stability
  • Wide selection of measuring ranges
  • Strong ceramic sensitive diaphragm
  • Good volume and ensures easy encapsulation
  • High level of shock and vibration resistance capability
  • Affordable and good for extreme extensive application range
  • Wide range of operating temperature

One of best things about Sendo Sensor is that- they work hard to make sure in manufacturing and supplying quality products that will exceed your expectations in terms of price and performance. Their highly skilled, qualified and experienced professionals use modern quality management and the highest standards to achieve the best possible results. Before delivering the products, they make sure in performing quality testing, which shows their credibility.

Their ceramic sensor- PS100E03 series works by following the piezoresistive principle, in which the signal conditioning electronics are added on one side of ceramic diaphragm. Whereas their ceramic sensor-PS100E03 series are found to be fully temperature compensated and guarantees a residual temperature effect. If required, then you can customize a desired type of ceramic pressure transducer or sensor at Sendo Sensor.

A few lines from Sendo Sensor,” Our main aim is to offer top quality solutions for designing high performance ceramic pressure sensing systems. As a leading and most reliable, ceramic senor and other type of sensors like isolated pressure sensor manufacturer, we strive to supply top quality products (customized as per client’s requirement and specification). Our expert team makes sure that the products are configured, designed and manufactured in a quality control environment. We assure you of providing zero defect products and on-time delivery.”

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