North Star Chiropractic Center In Seattle, Provides Healthy Posture Therapy Solutions

Seattle WA, 06-AUGUST-2016 – North Star Chiropractic Center and Dr. Paul Early are pleased to announce that healthy posture is an important component in the overall health of the body. Chiropractors know that correct spinal alignment is necessary for the electrical signals to travel from the brain to the extremities. The Seattle chiropractic team determines whether the posture is normal and healthy.

The doctor uses measurements taken in a physical examination and digital imaging studies to identify potential problems with the posture. The alignment of the spine side to side, as well as front to back is reviewed and any abnormalities discussed with the patient. The doctor will also check the horizontal alignment of the shoulders and hips. Even minor deviations can create health problems. Correct alignment in three dimensions is all part of the postural solutions.

Solutions for healthy posture therapy can include exercises to help muscles be retrained. Therapy may also include techniques for ergonomics in the workplace and good sleeping surfaces to support the alignment of the spine while resting. Adjustments in shoes may include orthotic devices in order to correct gait, or to address an issue of slight variances in the length of the legs.

When correct posture is restored, the patient will enjoy better overall health and wellness. The patient may have a better range of motion. This will make sports and athletic activities much more enjoyable. The alignment of the spine, hips, and shoulders is restored in order to improve the comfort and ease of the patient.

Learn more about healthy posture solutions by checking out the website at Press corps members and individuals who have more queries about the details in this press notice are invited to contact the doctor at the location provided below.

Media Contact: Dr. Paul Early DC

Company: North Star Chiropractic Center

Address: 820 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98125

Contact Phone: (206) 440-7700



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