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In charge MM, Onshore Engineering Services (OES). ONGC, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, 8″ Floor, Scope Miner, Lexml Nagar, Delhi-110092 India invites applications (along with Tender Fee) through physical tendering process under International Competitive Bid (ICB, One Bid System).


Empanelment window for fresh empanelment will be opened for one month (I.e. from 02.08.2018 to 01.09.2018).

Tender No: DLH/OES/SAMJTPI.EMPANELMENT/X1 I RC13003: Tender Brief: Empanelment of TPI Agencies for Onshore Engineering Services (OES), Delhi; Categories of Empanelment: The categories are as under: (I) Category I – Surface Facilities (GGS/CTF/GCS/GCP/ETP/ Refinery/ Processing); (II) Category II- Pipelines for Oil & Gas Services (TRUNK/ FEEDER Line). Tendersontime, a leading business leading Online Tender Notice Portals is the first agency to report this notification.

Tender Fee: Rs.60,000/- (For domestic bidders), US$ ,000/- (For foreign bidders) (The tender fee will be acceptable in the form of crossed ‘Payee Account only Bank Draft/Cashier’s Cheque/Banker’s Cheque drawn by Bank and valid for 90 days from the date of Issue of the same or in the form of Indian Postal Orders payable to the ONGC); Last date of submission of application (along with tender fee): 01.09.2016; End date of validity of empanelled TPI Agencies against fresh empanelment: 02.06.2017; Bid Closing Date (TBO Date): Will be informed at the time of issue of tondo ( document).

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