4 Great Things You Don’t Know About Time Tracker

The value of investing in a quality time tracker cannot be emphasized enough. A well-designed time tracking solution may oversimplify time entry for employees, cut overhead expenses, and streamline your payroll. Whether your business is big or small, implementing a time tracking solutions is a business move that pays. There are 4 cases of time tracking system revolutionizing the way your business operates.

Cut old systems out and drop your costs

Updating to a modern time tracker saves you hours of excess and expensive manual entry of information. It also reduces the amount of time you and your workteam wastes on time and attendance calculations. Integrating a present day solution in your company means no longer having to contend with time card confusion, deskwork, and human errors. Random or perceived, work time theft is an essential cost. Having your employees punch into a system may help you to eliminate time inflation. Also, replacing your actual system with an automatic one will free up valuable time of employees who are usually involved in payroll preparation.

Accurate attendance management

Tracking of when your staff are and aren’t working is not so easy, special using traditional ways which show a very limited data. A modern time tracker not only shows total hours worked and reflects how your employees perform their tasks through multi-level work costing. Having the most accurate punch in detail possible profits your company by allowing you to discover specific data that is invaluable for your business’ progress.

For example, a project manager who wants to know a number of hours his employees spent for every task can just run a report, view that information, and come up with a billing estimate based on the hours worked. CEOs can also create regulations like overtime and break rules, and CrocoTime allows managers to keep track of PTO, vacation, and sick days. A web-based time tracker like CrocoTime goes a step further by streamlining all the information into one database so managers can control everything from anywhere.

Advanced HR management tools

Many time tracking systems also come with progressive workforce management solutions that let employers to create a strong system around which to anchor their workforce. For example, CrocoTime, a web-based time tracker, offers administrators an option of setting up daily automatic reminders to stay on top of work activities, as well as online reports that can be automated and sent to them every week/day. These reports can be created for different purposes, whether it be just to review the company’s weekly time map or to give more detailed and meaningful information.

Other case to consider in choosing a solid time tracker is its design, functionality, and customization opportunities. You may want to provide your managers with user roles so they can manage staff, but limit them from viewing a secret info. CrocoTime will help keep the borders you want, and also provide your team with personal logins so that they may view their work time online and manage their own schedules and time off.

Feel good with irreproachable recordkeeping

As a manager, it’s your job to comply with labor rules and keep detailed records regarding a proof of attendance. With the right time tracker you’ll be able to get reports and keep detailed records of work time. A web-based time and attendance system permits you to effortlessly oversee your staff’s hours worked and punch in activity, and stores the information so you can go back and review it anytime you want. Gone are the days of having to store paper time cards – all your information will be stored in a cloud so you can see whenever you need it, wherever you are. Also, it means you will have a guard against labor disputes and US federal laws which mandate all employers to keep wage computation data for a certain period of time. As a busy business owner, the confidence of having your recordkeeping automated is well worth the cost.


And if taking the plunge can be discouraging, investing in a quality time tracking system can enhance the way your company does business and help you oversee your workforce with total control. When it comes to your choosing the right time tracker, be sure to have all your certain requirements written down so you can keep in mind the functions you need.

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