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Allentown, Pennsylvania – The most important feature to look for in a child support attorney is to find someone whose primary concern is in putting the needs of the children first. Child support is meant to be paid to ensure the child gets what they need to live the same quality of life that they would have in their regular family setting. Too often, child support becomes an area of conflict for divorced couples who always want more from the other side. Issues may arise long after the divorce has become final when a number of different changes occur including:
• The child’s needs change
• The salary of the custodial or non-custodial parent changes
• One of the parents has falsely reported their earnings
• The custody arrangement changes

Eidelman & Associates (http://www.eidelmanassoc.com) can provide you with a child support attorney in Allentown, PA who understands the requirements to address any of these changes and determine the fair course of action going forward. Through litigation or mediation, they can help clients determine what is fair for each parent to pay or receive.

Getting past the attitudes and emotions often tied-in with child support issues is the greatest challenge to reaching an agreement that is fair for everyone involved. Whether a parent is the one paying or receiving child support, they want to feel as though their rights are being observed and they are not being taken advantage of. By having a child support attorney in Allentown PA who provides mediation for child support, it is easier to sit down and look at the financial situation for each parent and the needs of the child to peacefully work out the best settlement for everyone involved.

Mediation is especially beneficial for legal issues that involve children who have already had to deal with too much turmoil and interruption in their lives. It takes out the confrontation and allows parents to work out an arrangement that they can both agree to before they sign an agreement. The choice of Eidelman & Associates for a child support attorney in Allentown, PA can make the difference in reaching a peaceful, fair settlement and avoiding the need to fight it out in a courtroom whether it is during the divorce proceedings or after a change has made it necessary to review the original agreement.
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