TyChem Offers Cost-Effective Solutions for Surplus Chemicals Other Chemical Supply Companies Don’t

Chemicals are part of the manufacturing world in virtually every industry. Predicting the quantity of these chemicals that will be needed at any given time is guesswork that does not always pay off. Obsolete or excess chemicals take up space and money that could be used for other supplies. Unlike other chemical supply companies, TyChem (http://www.tychem.net) purchases these chemicals from companies that do not need them and sell them to other companies that do at a savings of more than 40%. All of the chemicals sold are quality chemicals that do not require a sacrifice in performance in order to enjoy cost savings.

With more than ten years of experience in buying and selling surplus chemicals, TyChem knows what to look for in the surplus chemicals used in a variety of industries and they specialize in those used in:

•    Cleaning Products
•    Health Care Products
•    Cosmetics
•    Nutraceuticals
•    Vitamins
•    Food Products
•    Non-Regulated Pharmaceuticals

When dealing with normal chemical supply companies becomes too large of an expense, there is a better option for getting the chemicals needed than settling for a lower quality. Compromise in the quality of product or service produced should never be compromised. In some industries, meeting compliance is always a first priority. TyChem makes it easy to meet all of these goals with a simple, cost-effective method of buying the chemicals that are needed.

Compare the current inventory to that of other chemical supply companies to see the difference in purchasing surplus. They will be happy to provide a Certificate of Analysis, pictures or samples to ensure they are high quality chemicals at significant savings. To purchase the needed chemical, make an offer.If TyChem accepts it, just send credit references and purchase order. They will have the order allocated for pickup by your carrier or the TyChem logistics team can provide a rate.

Buying surplus chemicals from TyChem is a simple way to start saving on manufacturing costs or on disposal costs when surplus chemicals must be disposed of properly. Whether buying or selling chemicals, they offer a better solution that other chemical supply companies simply can match.

About TyChem

TyChem (http://www.tychem.net) is a surplus chemical company with more than a decade of experience in buying and selling surplus chemicals. They allow businesses that rely on chemicals for their use or sales to reduce their inventory of slow-moving chemicals while providing others with the chemicals they need. TyChem specializes in chemicals used in the manufacture of cleaning, cosmetics, health care, vitamins and nutraceuticals, food and non-regulated pharmaceuticals. Potential sellers or buyers can call or visit their website to check out their current inventory.

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