Blackstone Career Institute Helps Former Inmate

Blackstone Career Institute is pleased to announce an example of how their career training can make a huge difference for inmates. Michael Harris, a former inmate from Arizona, completed courses at Blackstone and is now working as a legal administrator and paralegal at Saldivar & Associates located in Phoenix.

While Harris was serving his three-year sentence in Arizona, he chose to make productive use of the time by taking courses online through Blackstone Career Institute. Because he was unable to finish his degree prior to this point, he decided this was the best time to seek out his degree. At Blackstone, materials are sent with each payment made. However, he chose to pay in advance and receive all materials at once and complete it on his own time.

In addition to helping Harris advance his career after he was released from his sentence, the training he received through Blackstone Career Institute provided him with valuable skills he could use to work and earn money while incarcerated. When coupled with his experience within the judicial system, his training makes him an excellent paralegal.

Anyone interested in learning about how their educational opportunities can help inmates can find out more by visiting the Blackstone Career Institute website or by calling 1-800-826-9228.

About Blackstone Career Institute: Blackstone Career Institute is an online educational institution that offers training in a variety of fields. They offer a variety of continuing education, career programs and certified courses, as well as training for inmates and military personnel. They allow individuals to get the training they need where and when it’s most convenient to them.

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