Change The Face Of Modelling On The Runway


    When we were young, we all used to dress up and pretend to be a grownup.  We would raid our mother’s closet and pick out outfits to wear for which our mothers came screaming at us for ruining their good clothes.  Memories like this will surely put a smile on your face, as well as your mother’s, though she may not admit it.  But choosing a career as a model is no child’s play and requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and discipline.  But of course, the pretty clothes are a definite perk of the job.

    While we sit comfortably in our homes watching the Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss India, Mrs. India, etc pageants on TV, we never think about the lives of the models, behind the scenes.  We only see the glamour and glitz of it.  But the life of a model [Modelling Schools in Pune] is a hot controversial topic. Since many feel that models are too skinny and portray the wrong image of a women, thereby increasing a negative self-image opinion of oneself, starting as early as the pre-teen years, which is why there has been a rise in the demand for plus size models, ads depicting women with curves, actresses that are not all size zeros and for example, the popular dove soap commercials featuring women of all sizes.  The main idea behind the ad was to remove the negative image we have ourselves just because we are not all size zeros.  Who decided that skinny was beautiful?  Being a model is about looking fit, not the image of starvation.  It means being comfortable in your own skin, which translates to being comfortable with the shape of your body thereby, displaying a confidence from the inside out.

    It is only during the past couple of decades that this idea of size zero has caught fire, whereas before supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer or Selma Hayek were all curvaceous and amazingly beautiful.  Something happened in between which made models start to starve themselves, thereby creating eating disorders among the teens, who looked up to these supermodels as the image of beauty and womanliness.  We can sit and discuss this for hours and the blame can be placed on men, fashion designers, fashion editors, society, films etc.  But the most important change has to happen in your own mindset that being beautiful is something more than just skinny.  A model [Modelling Schools in Pune] is somebody who displays confidence in who she is, curves and all, thereby making her beautiful and appealing to the eyes.  So, as you prepare yourself to become a model to walk the runway, don’t starve yourself.  Remain physically fit with proper exercise and nutrition and remember that beauty is not skinny, but confidence. The confidence you have in yourself, which shines through making you attractive to everyone and someone that young teens can look up to.

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