You’ve Installed A Time Tracker. What’s next?

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An accurate time tracker is not only a helper for managers but for employees, too. Companies keep an eye on the time spent working and keep a check on employees. When the staff tracks work time, they get a better idea of what tasks take up much of their time.

But this is easier to be said than done. You can face obstacles when implementing a time tracker. Here are a few ways you may do it the right way:

Install A Time Tracker

The CrocoTime time tracker is an accurate and easy-to-use tool. Companies can use it to streamline project management procedures, control their teams’ tasks and raise their efficiency. Workers may also benefit from the CrocoTime as they’ll be informed about all their jobs that have been taking too much time. In addition to this, the CrocoTime time tracker also helps companies find projects that give the most value and money. This way they’ll be able to invest resources in the same project to enhance their bottom line performance.

Choose Right Categories

Creating categories in a time tracking app is useful when there are many users are on board. This is where team time tracking comes in. With all the team tracking their time, its goals are achieved and all members work together. With the software’s data sharing feature better agreement and cooperation is achieved and all employees are well informed of the project’s status.

Use Time Tracking In Real-Time

Human memory sometimes cannot be trusted to retain all of what happened during a work day. During long and busy work days, not everyone can remember what tasks they did on that day. So, a good time tracker helps in recording all computer activities and projects that were finished. Moreover, the CrocoTime time tracker offers a time tracking agent as well. It can be installed on every computer in your office and all work activities can be recorded without any hassle.

Stay Flexible

Companies and especially CEOs and managers must be as flexible as it possible while tracking time. Tracking employee’s work time does not mean that they should be controlled 24/7. While they are being monitored, privacy must be respected. For generating good results in the company’s favor, firm should let employees work according to their own work style.

CrocoTime is the time tracking software that not only tracks time, but generates correct timesheets too. The app also transforms timesheets to billable entries with one click. Try our 14-days free trial and see how bad is your today’s time management!

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