Rotation Manager Nurse Scheduling Software Offers Relief to Allied Health and Nursing Programs

Miami, Florida – Allied health and nursing programs are mutually beneficial to hospitals and nursing schools. Students have the opportunity to complete their required rotations while the hospital benefits from their patient care. At the same time, there are standards that must be met by the school, students, and the hospital including those for rotations. When the correct information is not readily available to the person doing the scheduling, uncovered rotations can result. This can leave the hospital and student short on hours that are needed to meet compliance and to graduate.

Rotation Manager ( is nurse and allied health scheduling software that was designed to simplify the scheduling process and help hospitals meet compliance requirements. The system opens up the lines of communication and provides administrators with the information they need quickly and accurately. Details like expiring documents or missing documentation can be eliminated so that the person performing the scheduling keeps everything up-to-date. Rotation Manager includes more features than any other nurse scheduling software in an easy-to-use interface that makes scheduling rotations more efficient.

The nurse scheduling software not only helps the person in charge of scheduling, but also makes it easier for students to manage their documents. Some of the features available for their use include:

•    Provides a student interface

•    Links the student to the hospital and school

•    Contains a student portfolio

•    Maintains a student journal of clinical experiences

•    Allows students to request letters of recommendation

•    Allows clinical coordinators to manage and submit the student roster required for clinical rotations

•    Allows students to submit documentation electronically to the school

•    Allows schools to submit documentation electronically to the hospitals

Rotation Manager has been implemented in many major hospitals and as a result, the scheduling of rotations has become a lot less challenging. The primary goal of using the nurse scheduling software is to eliminate uncovered rotations and provide hospitals, students, and patients with the coverage they need.

Allied Health and Nursing programs that are ready to take control of their scheduling problems can view a video on the Rotation Manager website. You can also submit your contact information to receive more information about implementing Rotation Manager into your program. Stop struggling with spreadsheets and worrying with uncovered rotations when you choose the nurse scheduling software that offers more features than any other software program of its kind.

About Rotation Manager

Rotation Manager ( is nursing schedule software that offers solutions to healthcare facilities, as well as allied health and nursing colleges. Managing rotations is one of the most challenging tasks that many hospitals and school programs deal with every day. The software simplifies the task while ensuring compliance and greatly reducing risk. Rotation Manager offers a highly efficient solution to allied health and nursing programs to protect their business and their reputations. The program simplifies handling of documents and records and prevents them from being lost. Now nursing programs can maintain a thorough history of their rotations and students without the need for spreadsheets and with minimal paperwork.

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