Unbelievable globally growth of Dissolved Gas Analyzer Market in 2014 – 2020

Report Description

This report provides strategic analysis of the global dissolved gas analyzer market . The scope of the report includes competitive analysis of various market segments based on the extraction types of mineral oil from power transformers for the DGA (dissolved gas analysis) and analysis type being used during dissolved gas analysis process. Moreover, the market has also been segmented on the basis of power rating of power transformers for which dissolved gas analyzers are being used. In-depth scrutiny of the dissolved gas analyzer market across different geographic segments has also been included in the report. The major objective of a dissolved gas analyzer is to identify the incipient faults occurring in power transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipments. A dissolved gas analyzer helps to determine the faults by analyzing the gases formed by the decomposition of mineral oil present in power transformers.

Dissolved gas analyzers are used to monitor and diagnose the nature of gases being generated in power transformers and oil-filled electrical equipment. In transformers, mineral oils are used as coolant in power transformers. Complex chemical mixes and hydrocarbons are major components of mineral oil being used in transformers. Gases are being generated in power transformers through natural operations or accidental events. These gases are dissolved in mineral oils being used in power transformers. Through the measurement of volume, nature, the rate of production, proportions, and a spectrum of dissolved gases, probability of faults and nature of faults in power transformers can be determined. Therefore, by using dissolved gas analysis, health of a transformer can be monitored and in case of urgency, maintenance program can be initiated.

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The global dissolved gas analyzer market is mainly driven by the growth in utility (power transformer) and industrial infrastructure investments. Expansion of the power transmission and distribution network in emerging markets, apart from the requirement for prevention of transformer breakdown and increasing need for detection of fault gases in newly installed transformers, has significantly boosted the dissolved gas analyzer market. Additionally, various regulations pertaining to the environment and power industry, which are being enacted by different government agencies of different countries, such as the European Commission’s (EC) Ecodesign regulation, are also positively impacting the market for dissolved gas analyzers. The increasing adoption of online DGA (dissolved gas analysis) is another significant factor which is helping to drive the dissolved gas analyzer market forward. The added advantages offered by online DGA devices, such as ability to continuously monitor the health of transformers and remote monitoring of the data captured among others, has also positively impacted this market. Considering all these positive impacts, demand for dissolved gas analyzers are expected to rise during the forecast period from 2014 to 2020.

For aiding in strategic decision making, the report includes competitive profiling of the leading players in the industry and their dissolved gas analyzer product portfolio. Selling price of dissolved gas analyzers offered by leading companies is mentioned in the report. Furthermore, various business strategies adopted by leading players have also been discussed in the report. The market attractiveness analysis and Porter’s five forces analysis included in the report provide insight into market dynamics and industry competition.

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The report also provides a breakdown and assessment of various factors impacting the market growth, which are suitably described as market drivers, restraints, and opportunities. These factors determine various existing trends and their impact on market growth. Overall, the report includes a holistic analysis of the global dissolved gas analyzer market, and provides an estimate of growth for the period 2014 to 2020, keeping in mind the various factors affecting the market.

Some of the leading players in the market are LumaSense Technologies Inc. (US), Weidmann (US), General Electric (US), Morgan Schaffer Corporation (Canada), ABB Ltd. (Switzerland), Doble Engineering (US), Gatron GmbH (Germany), OELCHECK GmbH (Germany), SD Myers, Inc. (US), Qualitrol Company LLC (US) EMH Energy-Messtechnik GmbH (Germany), and Sieyuan Electric Co. (China) among others.

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The report segments the global dissolved gas analyzer market as:

Dissolved gas analyzer market, by extraction type

  • Vacuum extraction or rack method

  • Head space extraction

  • Stripper column method

  • Others (multiple gas extractor)

Dissolved gas analyzer market, by analysis type

  • Smoke alarms

  • Early warning DGA monitoring

  • Comprehensive DGA monitoring

  • Laboratory services

  • Database software

  • Portable DGA devices

Dissolved gas analyzer market, by power rating:

  • 100 MVA – 500 MVA

  • 501 MVA – 800 MVA

  • 801 MVA – 1200 MVA

Dissolved gas analyzer market, by geography:

  • North America

  1. The U.S.

  2. Rest of North America

  • Europe

  1. The U.K.

  2. Germany

  3. France

  4. Italy

  5. Rest of Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  1. China

  2. India

  3. Japan

  4. South Korea

  5. Australia

  6. Rest of Asia Pacific

  • Africa

  1. South Africa

  2. Rest of Africa

  • Middle East

  1. Qatar

  2. Iran

  3. Saudi Arabia

  4. Turkey

  5. United Arab Emirates

  6. Rest of Middle East

  • South America

  1. Brazil

  2. Argentina

  3. Peru

  4. Chile

  • Rest of South America

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Preface

1.1 Report description

1.2 Research scope

1.3 Research methodology

Chapter 2 Executive Summary

Chapter 3 Market Overview (OEM and End-users Perspective)

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Global PESTLE analysis

3.2.1 Political

3.2.2 Economic

3.2.3 Social

3.2.4 Technological

3.2.5 Legal

3.2.6 Environmental

3.3 Value chain analysis


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