Chiropractic Health Centers in Charlotte NC Now Offers the Atlas Orthogonal Technique

Charlotte, NC, 01-September-2016 — Dr. William McDonald of Chiropractic Health Centers (formerly known as South Carolina Spine) wants patients to know about a spinal-alignment technique that has been thoroughly studied, utilized, and endorsed by professionals worldwide. The Atlas Orthogonal Technique has proven effective, even in difficult cases.

This safe, precise technique is based on chiropractors’ understanding about the relationship between the spinal column and the rest of the body.

When a vertebra is not positioned normally in the spine, it is referred to as a vertebral subluxation. The misalignment interferes with nervous system functioning, which compromises health, causing symptoms wherever nerve signal transmission is hindered. The Charlotte NC chiropractor is familiar with spinal anomalies and their effects.

The uppermost vertebra of the spine, the atlas, protects the brain stem, where the brain and spinal cord begin communicating. When the atlas is not centered properly, pressure is placed on the whole nervous system. Consequently, the rest of the spine becomes misaligned in an attempt to compensate. Increased pressure on nerves causes a variety of symptoms not only in the head and neck, but throughout the body.

When the atlas is properly centered, it is orthogonal, or 90 degrees, to the spine. When the spine is correctly aligned, the nervous system’s potential to function normally is optimized.

Several factors contribute to abnormal positioning in the spine, including poor posture and sleeping on one’s stomach. Childhood conditions, such as scoliosis, also cause spinal irregularities.

Misalignment is also common after motor vehicle accidents and work-related injuries. Other possible culprits are poor diet, stress, and environmental toxins.

At the first visit, a chiropractor will take a detailed history and conduct a physical exam, usually taking digital images of affected areas. This information guides the practitioner’s determination of the cause behind symptoms and optimal courses of action to alleviate them. Spinal adjustments are frequently utilized to enhance nervous system functioning.

Traditionally, the repositioning has been done almost exclusively using the chiropractor’s hands. When adjustments are employed using other instruments, they are referred to as manipulations. Either type of technique, often regarded by much of the general public with skepticism and fear, is associated with twisting or cracking. The Atlas Orthogonal Technique uses a specialized instrument to gently align the top of the spinal column without turning or twisting the neck.

Recent research supports the claim that spinal irregularities cause a variety of health problems. In a study of patients with neck and back injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents, all reported improvement after undergoing the Atlas Orthogonal Technique. A vast majority reported complete or nearly complete pain relief.

To learn more about the Atlas Orthogonal Technique, visit To learn more about the information in this press release, please contact the clinic by clicking the “Contact Us” button on the facility’s website, or using the following contact information.

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