Woodbridge residents aim to Canada Goose online

East Woodbridge residents concerned about break ins in their neighbourhood are asked to attend a town hall meeting this weekend.

There have been numerous break ins in the area during the past few months and residents such as Maria Dinatolo want their neighbours to band together and be more observant of their surroundings.

Ms Dinatolo home was broken into during the day in late September and jewelry was stolen. After the incident, she was disturbed to find several other break ins had happened in her neighbourhood, Canada Goose online but no one on her street communicated with each other.

are all these break ins happening and the only way a person starts to find out about it is when you start to talk to neighbours, who have heard it from someone else, Ms Dinatolo said.

She admits her house wasn as secure as it could have been

was no forced entry. It was really scary that these people could get in without being noticed, Ms Dinatolo said.

The experience sent the mother of two on a wild goose chase to pawn shops and cash for gold outlets in search of her stolen jewelry.

What she found disturbed her even more.

There was no way she could trace anything that has been brought to a cash for gold shop, as these stores don have stringent rules about receiving and tracking items sold to them.

can put gold in an envelope and mail it and your name will never be revealed to anybody, Ms Dinatolo said.

She hopes Saturday meeting will encourage residents to better communicate with one another.

Ms Dinatolo has since installed video cameras, but admitted this is not a feasible option for everyone.

do we keep ourselves safe? Not everybody can afford a video camera. What we are looking for in this meeting is more communication. There wasn enough communication coming to our residents, even as these break ins were happening nobody knew about it, Ms Dinatolo said.

Ms Dinatolo also wants a community safety group established.

When the break ins were happening in her neighbourhood, there were many knocks at her door and those of her neighbours, with people telling her they wanted to change her water heater or trying to deliver cookies, Ms Dinatolo said, adding the people were likely trying to determine in anyone was home.

East Woodbridge Councillor Rosanna DeFrancesca helped organized this weekend town hall meeting along with Vaughan MP Julian Fantino and said she has run into roadblocks determining if a bylaw related to cash for gold shops is possible.

After meeting with police and staff at Mr. Fantino office, Mrs. DeFrancesca noted it an uphill battle.

While Hamilton and Oshawa have passed bylaws related to these businesses, how much weight they carry remains to be seen.

Oshawa bylaw requiring cash converters to disclose personal information about the sale of second hand goods, did not comply with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled.

ruled, although we, as a municipality, can impose these bylaw restrictions, we cannot force (store owners) to collect personal information, Mrs. DeFrancesca said. of that ruling it hard for us to go anywhere with that.

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