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IT companies today are faced with a crucial dilemma of whether “To be on the cloud or Not?” Incedo is a vibrant IT company in Gurgaon with an expertise in providing end-to-end cloud and virtualization services and solutions.

Aug  25th 2016, Gurgaon, India.

Incedo has emerged as one of the few IT companies in Gurgaon who have dedicated teams of technology, business analysts and SMEs working on life sciences, communication engineering and financial services. Incedo Inc. specializes in Data Management in Pharma , BI & Analytics, Mobile, Communication Technology and the Cloud. In the services space Incedo is one of the few IT companies in Gurgaon with capabilities ranging in areas such as Communication Engineering, Application Development using various SDLC methodologies, Application Support, Business Process Services, IT Infrastructure and Quality Assurance.

As a robust IT company in Gurgaon Incedo has focused on developing an expertise to help virtualize the client’s infrastructure on the cloud which has helped save costs, improve efficiency, increase collaboration, provided ease of scalability, greater reliability and better control on the data security and back up.

Incedo is among the top IT companies in Gurgaon with an entire array of offerings for Cloud virtualization. Clients can choose any of the following cloud types based on their needs:

Public Cloud: As an IT partner for your company we provide you with storage, backup, and convenient on-demand compute services that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort. Here the client has no visibility over where the cloud services are hosted. The environment is shared between multiple organizations but the data and application usage is locally managed with relevant checks in place to ensure authorized access. This is a cheaper option and there is limited capital expenditure. Incedo Inc. has enabled several IT companies in Gurgaon to be set-up on a virtual Public cloud.

Private Cloud: We provide a pool of scalable, robust, secure and standardized; virtualize the IT resources of your company and make them available on demand over the Internet on a cost-effective pay-per-use basis. Our services help you deploy an agile, efficient, and simplified cloud infrastructure platform across physical and virtual environments. This is also called an internal or enterprise cloud. This means that the cloud is hosted on the client’s data center but at the same time offers flexibility and capability to add more services as and when needed. This offers clients more control over the infrastructure and data residing on the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Management: Serves as a common monitoring and management fabric that brings you a robust managed operational service for addressing multiple Cloud vendors. This combination works for organizations that would keep some of its operations (client centric data oriented) in-house (private cloud) and host rest of its operations on the public cloud (where the information is available to the public and also where loss or theft of data is not crucial or critical).

Author Bio:

Incedo Inc is an IT company in Gurgaon which specializes in Data Management, BI and Analytics, Mobility, Communication technology and Cloud computing. Incedo helps clients focus on their key business area while improving agility, reducing costs and expanding ability to scale with its services across the cloud ecosystem.

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