Meehan Chiropractic and Wellness in Charlotte, Helps Auto-Accident Injury Victims Find Relief

Charlotte, NC – 02-September-2016 – Being involved in an auto accident is scary and can cause many different painful injuries. Meehan Chiropractic and Wellness is a Charlotte chiropractic clinic that uses the atlas orthogonal technique and activator method. One of the worst things about being involved in a car wreck is the pain that comes after the accident. No one wants to be in constant pain. Sometimes the pain is bearable and other times it’s not. Many people look to chiropractors to help them alleviate their pain naturally. Meehan Chiropractic and Wellness offers Charlotte chiropractic services for auto accident victims who are experiencing pain. Read on for more information about Meehan Chiropractic and Wellness and the different types of pain.

When you’re in pain, it is difficult to think happy, positive thoughts. The only thing you want is for the pain to stop. The professionals at Meehan Chiropractic and Wellness are dedicated to helping you find the best solution for your pain. Meehan Chiropractic and Wellness offers alternatives to traditional medicine. Many traditional practices involve prescribed medications. Prescribed medications has proven to work for many conditions and pain, but there are downfalls, such as side effects. Natural remedies have little to no side effects and the results are favorable when it comes to alleviating pain.

Whether you are in pain would like specific chiropractic services, Meehan Chiropractic and Wellness is here to help. The staff at Meehan Chiropractic and Wellness are dedicated to providing their services at the highest quality and customer satisfaction. They understand pain and the different levels of pain. They will help you cope with your pain and provide you with healthy options for living your life in general.

Types of Pain

Pain is classified by three different categories, including acute and chronic pain, pain caused by tissue damage and pain caused by nerve damage.

When it comes to acute and chronic pain, this pain is usually sudden and lasts for a short amount of time. Acute pain is frequently caused by damage or an injury that affects the organs, bones, and muscles within the body. A lot of the time, depression and anxiety are factors in this situation. Chronic pain makes people miserable because it lasts much longer than acute pain and is harder for medication to alleviate the pain.

Pain that is caused by tissue damage is sometimes classified as acute pain. Common injuries from tissue damage include turf toe, sprained ankle or other injuries that are associated with sports. Tissue damage can be chronic which includes headaches and arthritis.

Pain that is caused by nerve damage include diabetes. This type of damage can be the result of an HIV infection or stroke. Pain from nerve damage can also result from damage to the central nervous system.


A chiropractor can provide you with many different remedies that will help you cope with your pain. Some remedies may require medication while other remedies are natural. The remedy will depend upon the type of pain you are experiencing and the knowledge of the chiropractor.

For more information regarding alternatives to traditional medicine for pain alleviation caused by a car accident, contact Meehan Chiropractic and Wellness, (704) 544-6711 or visit their website.

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