The Inspirations for Improvements of Your Kitchen

Have you been postponing improvements to your kitchen, bathroom or laundry? Here’s the inspiration you need to make a start – great ideas and practical advice for every budget.


Modular Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are probably the most difficult rooms to plan and decorate, but they also repay you a hundredfold when you get the formula right. To fire your enthusiasm, look through the pages of this book and then you’ll be able to make bold new plans for glamorous changes with new confidence. See the many variations on these three vital rooms and, by studying the pictures carefully, you’ll discover that a look or theme is not just a matter of choosing a cupboard style or a floor or wall finish – it’s more a case of blending high-powered efficiency with beautiful things that can keep pace with the workload.


What kind of kitchen do you like most? The answer to this simple question is the single most important clue to the style of kitchen you will eventually plan for, and then create.

Any thoughts of a change in the kitchen, whether it’s a modest renovation, a complete replan or a whole new kitchen either in an extension or an entirely new dwelling, bring to the forefront a whole range of feelings, anticipations, fears, great or modest expectations, anxieties and for the eternally optimistic of us, pleasure and excitement. Kitchens are expensive to tangle with. The wrong decision about the placement of a sink, a window or an appliance will probably mean putting up with a permanent and irritating mistake. Paint colors and some other surface finishes may be easier to change but the best plan is to get it right first time.

If you’re thinking ‘kitchens’, do all your experimenting on paper. Saturate yourself with as many different styles of decor, methods of planning and ways of pulling together the many component parts that make up a kitchen before you even think of calling a builder. Stroll around the kitchen showrooms, haunt display houses, take a consuming interest in every kitchen you come across. A steel rule will become a vital tool as you conduct your investigations. Carry a floor plan of your projected kitchen space with ceiling height, windows and aspect clearly marked and compare what you have at home in terms of size with the kitchens you inspect.

Your first step in your quest for a better kitchen is a search for style. Quite quickly you will sift through the ‘likes’ and ‘don’t likes’ and build a mental picture of the kinds of finishes and the total look you want.

First impressions of kitchens and the way you recall them later on are usually color-related; a white kitchen may take your fancy, or a predominantly timber one. Or maybe an unusual mix of colors and materials is the quality that attracts you.

The kitchens on the following pages fall into color categories with most featuring modern finishes. Bear in mind that an all-white kitchen with space-age appointments will have a different aura to a white kitchen that harks back to a former era. Generously proportioned painted timber moldings around doors and windows, sensuous curves of old-fashioned china and ceramic tiles carefully removed from a demolition site and recycled for bench-tops and splash backs in a new/old way will make a time-tested, highly individual statement. But remember that efficiency is paramount in the kitchen and never let the style override the need for order, speed and ease.

White is perfect in a narrow confined area as it appears to open up the space. Rounded cupboards help soften the starkness of straight lines and also allow one work area to flow into another. Call Bella Kitchen Pune for designing your dream kitchen and home.

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