Kitchen with White enhanced with country touches

Kitchen with White enhanced with country touches

This eye-catching kitchen is easy to imitate. The secret of success here is to highlight pale wood and straw against an all-white background. Paint walls, ceiling, doors and any obtrusive feature white and continue the theme with white tiling for floors and even a divider/workbench. Modern table and chairs in pine are plain and practical. The country flavour comes from the old dresser and wall cupboards, a generous display of rustic pottery, pine beams (which were added for effect) and a collection of Kitchen baskets.

Colour Pointers

Don’t underestimate the value of white. Alone, it’s foolproof; with one other color it’s stunning.

Add sophistication with muted, pastel colors.

Even neutrals can be positive. Concentrate on bleached grays and browns, ivory and earth tones.

Complementary or opposite colors stimulate when used together; red with green or purple with yellow are good examples.

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