Renovate Kitchen with Red, the Super Shade

Used in restaurants because it stimulates both conversation and appetites, red is the hero of the spectrum. Exposure to it can prompt an adrenalin release, quicken the heart rate and make you warm. The color boost here comes from flame-red paint and easy-clean red ceramic tiling. Cupboards are crisp white for a fresh contrast and topped with black plastic laminate. White again for the ceiling with timber tones of floor and furniture making a mellow contribution to the room.

Renovate Kitchen with Red, The Super Shade

Timber tips unless you are considering installing a real butcher’s block of un-finished end-grain timber which is cleaned after use by scraping or scrubbing, timber in the kitchen is only as reliable and as its finish; usually a tough plash coating built up by many sprayed or brushed-on applications. Beneath the coating, the straight-grained timbers are the strongest.

Grain direction is a good indicator of timber strength and obvious deviations or sloping grain affects timber durability. Warping in various forms is caused by incorrect seasoning (reducing the timber’s moisture content to that of the atmosphere).

Finishing is of utmost importance to ensure that timber is impervious to kitchen conditions. Before applying any finishing coat, timber must be thoroughly prepared, smoothed with cutting tools, then sanded back, working down through the paper grades to obtain the required finish, Solid or veneered hardwoods should not be sanded with abrasive paper which clogs the grain – use a cabinet scraper instead.

The most durable timber finishes that the do-it-yourselfer can apply can be categorized as brushons or sprayons. Seal cupboard doors with a one-pack, brush-on clear polyurethane or a single pot precatalysed lacquer (spray-on). Bench tops which stand up to greater punishment require two pack polyurethane.

Although polyurethane and lacquered coatings are extremely tough do not tempt fate by placing oven-hot saucepans directly onto timber bench tops. Avoid knife marks also, although a few scratches will only add character to timber. Polyurethane deepens and enriches the timber color but coatings do tend to yellow with age.

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