Laguna Hills, CA Chiropractor, Dr. Clayton Noel D.C, Helps Auto Accident Pain Sufferers Find Natural Relief

Laguna Hills CA, 9-September-2016 — You have been in an auto accident; you are alright except for some bouts of back and neck pain. You tell yourself, “I was just in a car crash, of course, I am going to have pain for a while. I need to expect this pain. This crash just stirred things up a bit; I will feel better tomorrow.”

Unfortunately, this scenario happens all too often. Accident victims wait too long to see the chiropractor, thinking that the pain will disappear in a few days. However, pain is the way in which the body tells you that something is not right and needs fixing.

When you are having chronic pain from an automobile accident, this pain is not the issue. Some underlying problem in the body causes your pain and needs immediate attention. Pain is pesky, distracting, or annoying, but it can spawn more severe problems in the future.

A car accident is a traumatic incident, and just the stress of instantly tightening every muscle in your body causes pain, not including the physical or emotional injuries you incur. Addressing pain from injuries is frustrating to you and sometimes challenging for the chiropractor in determining the underlying problem, but not as difficult as you expect.

Pain issues start with a misalignment of the spine. This misalignment of the spine puts pressure on the central nerves running up and down the spine. This spinal misalignment affects all vital organs of the body, creating a host of illnesses and disease processes in the weeks, months, or years to come.

Pain, a symptom of something gone wrong happens anywhere in the body. When you take care of the problem, you take care of the pain. You may describe your pain as sharp, stabbing, dull, achy, intermittent, or chronic with no let-up. You can describe your pain as a “1” to a “10” in intensity, with “1” being the lowest possible pain, and “10” meaning excruciating and unbearable.

Your Responsibility after an Accident

• Get medical attention immediately
• Contact your attorney and insurance company
• See your chiropractor as soon as possible

Your doctor may start your post accident care with,

• An examination and assessment of your body and talk about the intensity, location, and Type of pain you experience
• Determine any whiplash injuries

The doctor may:

• Take a spinal x-ray
• Adjust your spine right away
• Order Physical therapy
• Order Heat or cold compresses
• Provide definitive exercises
• Offer a relaxing massage
• Provide nutritional guidelines to help the body heal faster

In Conclusion

If you were in an automobile accident, get to your chiropractor as soon as possible. The more time you wait the longer and more challenging your healing process and full recovery. Dr. Clayton Noel, DC, a renowned Laguna Hills Chiropractic professional is a licensed and seasoned practitioner who has helped many people overcome injuries from auto accidents. Dr. Noel and his award-winning staff stand ready to assist you. Call as soon as possible to get the help you need to overcome your painful injuries in a noninvasive, natural way towards healing.

Visiting your Laguna Hills chiropractic doctor is vital even if you have no pain. Problems can arise in the future from your accident.
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