Social functions enter into Airwheel self-balancing scooter with seat

The present-day young people are hard to be satisfied by the basic necessity. In fact, they still have a strong desire for social communication with their friends or relatives. The trend is inevitable and therefore Airwheel feels obliged to add the social function to its products of electric self-balancing hoverboard . In recent new products, we can see many that have a strong social function. Hereby we will go into details about these new products and their social functions.

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When it comes to the most popular form of photography, it is definitely the selfie. The selfie is featured by the convenience and great availability. For now, the mobile phone has the ability to take photos at anytime and anywhere. They usually take quick selfies around them and post them on Twitter or Facebook, sharing their scintillating experiences with others and soliciting views and likes from their kith and kin. As a result, Airwheel introduces a camera to Airwheel smart helmet C5. Wearing Airwheel intelligent helmet C5, the rider is assured of a safe ride and but also offered the opportunity to take selfies so that they can realise the purpose of socialising with others.

In Airwheel, two-wheeled electric scooter A3 also has the social function of its own. The first APP developed by Airwheel was applied to Airwheel A3. As long as the user downloads the APP for nothing online, the user can manipulate the APP. It is possible to locate the scooter, lock or unlock their own scooters and so on. On its electric map, the user can watch whether there is a friend who also has a scooter and is near him. Once he is spotted, he will appear on the map in the form of a red point. The red point will remind you to socialise with him and chalk up a further conversation if need be.

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