GOETTFERT Announces Business Expansions

Rock Hill, South Carolina, August 24, 2016: GOETTFERT is pleased to announce the expansion of their application laboratory for customers. They finished the first phase of their expansion, which included a 900 square meter building. Their electronical department is housed in the building and they slowly moved into the new facility.

The second phase of the expansion project is on schedule to be completed by the end of this year. The latest facility is a two-story multi-functional building that measures about 400 square meters and is situated in the southeast area of the existing structure. The focus is to significantly expand the operations and functionality of the application laboratory.

GOERTTFERT is a leader in their technological field. They are one of the premiere manufacturers of rheological equipment used for testing and measuring thermoplastics, rubber and thermosetting plastics. They manufacture devices, such as the rheometer, rubber RPA, rubber rheometer and the extrusion plastometer. They are among the leaders in their industry and remain on the cutting edge of developing technology to improve melt flow index testing and melt tensile testing equipment. Experts at GOERTTFERT are dedicated to advancing products used for extensional viscosity, rheology and elastomer testing through manufacturing all the necessary components in-house.

Anyone interested in learning about their expansion can find out more by visiting the GOETTFERT website or by calling 803-324-3883.

About GOERTTFERT: GOETTFERT created its first capillary rheometers and melt indexers in 1962. Since that time, they have grown to be one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. They lead the way in the production of theological testing equipment used for rubber, thermosetting plastics and thermoplastic. The company remains focused on satisfying their customers’ needs by providing high-quality products that are built completely in-house.

For more information visit us at http://www.goettfert.com

Press Release Contact :
Address: 488 Lakeshore Parkway
City: Rock Hill
State: South Carolina
Zip Code: 29730
Phone: 803-324-3883

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