Manhattan Chiropractic Office, Axon Health Associates, Helps Olympic Hopefuls with Sports Medicine

New York NY, 14-September-2016 — Axon Health Associates, a group of state-of-the-art, professional medical facilities located in Manhattan, would like to announce that our 4 Manhattan NY chiropractic offices are open for chiropractic care, acupuncture, physical therapy, diagnostic testing, massage therapy, and Olympic sports pain treatments using sports medicine.

Our team of chiropractic doctors includes Dr. Jason M. Feinstein, Dr. Scott A. Mark, and Dr. Larry Politis, who graduated Cum Laude from the New York Chiropractic College. Olympic hopefuls should know that excessive tackling, kicking, jumping and running may result in painful sprains, tears, and joint, ligament and muscle strain. The chiropractors in our Manhattan NY chiropractic offices can be very helpful in speeding your recovery after a sports injury.

Our Sports Medicine treatments may employ trigger point injection of local anesthetics to aid relaxation, as well as large joint Bursa injections of anti-inflammatory steroids to both relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Manual spine adjustment can help neck and back vertebrae balance and line up correctly, which will assist in reducing pain both in the spinal area as well as the extremities. Hands-on therapy can relieve back and neck pain from injuries. Turn to Axon Health Associates if you’ve suffered pain from football’s forceful impacts, repetitive motion strain that occurs frequently to a pitcher in a baseball game, failure to warm up properly before starting to play, and over-training often seen in endurance sports like wrestling.

Axon Health Associates have specific sports chiropractors who will employ techniques specifically geared for star athletes and Olympic hopefuls. Make an appointment at one of our four locations to begin to receive the right sports medicine chiropractic care.

Our physical therapy modalities may include therapeutic rehabilitative exercise, posture correction using stretches, braces, and exercises, manual therapy to move and knead joints and muscles to relieve discomfort and pain, hydrotherapy, which uses water pressure and temperature to stimulate blood flow and relieve pain, electric muscle stimulation, which employs electrical impulses to contract muscles, and is frequently used in accident rehabilitation and athletic treatment, and neuromuscular rehabilitation and muscular endurance and strength training.

Our chiropractic doctors employ natural techniques which are effective and safe, and are used to train your body to do its own healing, with some assistance from spinal manipulation, massage, and hydrotherapy. A customized plan is created for each patient, either an Olympic hopeful, or a recreational sports athlete, and may include chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound, electrotherapy, and cold and heat therapy.
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