STYLEMONARCHY® Couture Uniforms for the Spa, Wellness and Medical industries Launch in the United States

STYLE MONARCHY’s collection “Elegance” features state-of-the-art fabrics for a Comfortable, Polish, Elegant and Stylish Look


San Diego, CA – September 7th, 2016 – STYLE MONARCHY, Ltd a sister company of the European acclaimed Uniform Company  STYLE MONARCHY, SL specialized in providing couture, high-quality, comfortable, elegant and modern uniforms to luxury spas, high-end esthetic and wellness centers, as well as dental, cosmetic & aesthetic medicine practitioners announces today the launch of its new website

The new website will serve the needs of organizations located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia as well as the Caribbean, Central and South American regions while the original company will continue to serve the European market.

STYLEMONARCHY® uniforms are designed in Paris in the center of the fashion industry and manufactured in Europe. The company only uses technical fabrics sourced in Europe, specifically developed for uniforms, so that they meet the demanding requirements of the professionals in those industries. Uniforms using regular fabrics cannot resist these tough conditions and end up looking dull, faded and deformed after a few washes. STYLEMONARCHY® uses technical fabrics with high performance characteristics such as high temperature resistance, premium quality, breathability, superior comfort thanks to stretch fibers, long lasting performance, moisture control, skin friendly, fast drying, and no fading or deforming to name a few.

The designs of STYLEMONARCHY® uniforms are also carefully thought through. The company creates exclusive patterns with an emphasis on comfort and freedom of movement, which combined with the stretch components of the fabrics allow for wide movements while maintaining the original shape of the garments. The models are designed to flatter every body shape and deliver an impeccable, professional, polish and sophisticated look.

“Our goal has always been to create uniforms that combine Comfort, with Elegance, Style and personality” STYLEMONARCHY® Co-founder Brigitte Bullon said. “Today, the importance of “Image” for businesses is undeniable and a major contributor of a company’s success, especially in the industries we serve. Estheticians, cosmetologists, massage therapists, as well as dental, cosmetic & aesthetic medicine  practitioners need to look their best to convey their core values and communicate their brand identity and quality of services”.

The appearance and image of these professionals strongly influence customers’ perception of a business and the quality of services they will get. Uniforms leave a long lasting impression that can turn into repetitive business, and STYLEMONARCHY® uniforms are dedicated and committed to help their customers thrive and achieve just that.



STYLE MONARCHY, Ltd (STYLEMONARCHY®) is a Uniform Company offering Couture, High-quality, Elegant, Comfortable and Fashionable uniforms to luxury spas, high-end esthetic and wellness centers, as well as dental, cosmetic & aesthetic medicine practitioners. Our company focuses on modernizing the image of professional uniforms, adding elegance, personality and sophistication to the technical requirements needed in uniforms such as superior comfort, long lasting performance, high temperature resistance, breathability, and color and shape integrity to name a few. For more information, please visit


Brigitte Bullon

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