The Joint…The Chiropractic Place in VA, Offers Natural Pain Relief Options

Midlothian, VA – 15-September-2016 – The Joint Chiropractic provides natural pain relief options for all new and existing patients. With convenient locations in Midlothian, Short Pump, a new facility opening soon in Willow Lawn – the Joint features some of the top back and neck pain care programs in the area. With years of extensive medical experience, the clinic is committed to excellence in helping patients restore mobility and flexibility. Whether dealing with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, or even bone density issues – physicians develop strategic plans of action that help alleviate pain and tension across the body. This includes natural therapeutic massages, along with spinal decompression and even hydro-therapy. They also work diligently to pinpoint the exact causes of back and neck pain, while guaranteeing the best services that help eliminate pain and get your life back.

If looking for timely and effective pain management services, go no further than the Joint. As Midlothian Chiropractor professionals, they continue to receive top ratings and patient reviews across the board. This is due to unsurpassed pain-relief programs that truly help patients’ get back to normal living. With a team of leading therapists, physicians, nurses, masseurs, and nutritional guidance professionals, all patients are always in good hands from start to finish. In fact, the Joint provides cutting-edge laser scans, thermal imaging, ultrasound, and contrast services to discover the underlying causes of all bodily pain. If you are one of millions that continues to suffer from chronic or recurring pain, now is the right time to contact the Joint and experience the all natural pain relief solutions they offer.

Physicians also formulate strategic plans of action – based on the severity of your problem – that help eliminate:

• Chronic and recurring neck, head, and back pain.
• Anxiety, vertigo, dementia, and physiological and neurological assessments.
• Foot, ankle, and leg/thigh pain.
• Shoulder pain, headaches, migraines, and vision issues.
• ADHD and much more.

The Joint is one of the best Midlothian chiropractor practices in the area. From scoliosis and lower back tension to neck pain and bodily stress, we tackle all issues with true precision and concision. In fact, it is our attention to detail and listening to patient concerns that helps secure the best care and natural therapeutic plans. If you are experiencing any type of pain and are seeking timely and effective relief, do not wait until the situation worsens. Simply contact the Joint in Midlothian or Short Pump today and get the services you need.

For more information on Midlothian Chiropractic and pain relief services, please contact or visit:

The Joint at Midlothian
136 Charter Colony Pkwy.
Midlothian, VA
USA, 23060
Office: (804) 835-6879

The Joint… at Short Pump
Short Pump#10003
11301 W Broad St #107
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Phone: (804) 210-7566

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