Batson Chiropractic Group in Nashville TN, Offers Pain Relief for Car Accident Victims

Professional and Affordable Nashville Chiropractic Services

Nashville, TN – 16-September-2016 – Batson Chiropractic Group in Nashville provides timely pain-relief for automobile accident victims.

With a combined 85 years of extensive experience, the clinic is committed to excellence in all pain-care and therapeutic services. With the latest technologies and innovative equipment, patients have access to the top physicians with efficient pain management plans. Each service option is customized to meet the individual needs of patients, while helping them alleviate pain and tension. As true chiropractic professionals, the clinic has helped countless patients restore optimal mobility after small or extensive car collisions. With highly-dedicated pain relief physicians, nurses, rehabilitation professionals, and licensed therapists – the Batson Group truly goes those extra miles to ensure maximum pain eradication on all levels.

From personal trainers and masseurs to neuro-feedback practitioners, the Group is comprised of caring and compassionate team members that treat each patient like their own. Whether from car accidents, back sprains, wrenches, or on the job injuries – patients will receive professional and thorough examinations and services from start to finish. This includes spinal decompression, cold laser, thermal imaging, detailed scans and cutting-edge contrast services to effectively pinpoint the areas in discomfort. If you have been in an auto wreck and need to get back your mobility and life, one phone call or e-mail is all you need to start a guaranteed therapeutic and chiropractic regimen with lasting results.

Services include but are not limited to spinal decompression, cold laser, ultrasound and thermal imaging. Scans and complete analysis and assessment services are also implemented to help with the following conditions:

• Neck and back pain
• Disc degeneration and Sciatica
• Shoulder and foot pain
• Headaches and migraines
• Pregnancy and ear infections
• ADHD and Much more


For more information on Nashville Chiropractic services and pain relief for accident victims, please contact or visit:

Batson Chiropractic Group
2517 Lebanon Pike
Nashville, TN
USA, 37214
Office: (615) 751-0958

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