Bouton Kids Ltd. in North California Offers Quality, Limited Edition Children’s Clothing

Northern California, 16-September-2016 – Bouton Kids Ltd. in North California offers quality, limited edition children’s clothing to the public. Showcasing various textile decorating methods utilized by incredibly talented artisans, Bouton Kids Ltd. specializes in children’s clothing in Northern California.

Designing stylishly rugged clothes for children that are also comfortable for school days and play dates is important to the creators of Bouton Kids Ltd., two sisters, Rekha and Sunita. Using only the highest quality cotton and featuring eye-catching, spirited prints, the Bouton brand is quickly becoming a household name among the fashion-savvy.

Bouton Kids Ltd. contributes to a greater equity in international trade by supplying Fair Trade products to customers in Northern California, as well as online. This results in helping to protect the environment while creating sustainable agriculture and encouraging a more reliable livelihood for cotton farmers and communities. Bouton brand t-shirts are 100 percent certified Fair Trade and every collection is limited-edition only, ensuring a memorable and artistic piece of children’s clothing.

Supplying Fair Trade products accentuates the organic cotton farming that is used to supply the natural fibers in the Bouton brand. It also eliminates the fear of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or even GMO seeds being used during the farming process, while conserving soil through crop rotations. All of this benefits the environment which is an important aspect of the brand.

Promoting Fair Trade, organic-farmed products that boast age-old textile decorating is what sets this Northern California children’s clothier apart from mainstream children’s wear. Enhancing textiles using the ancient Indian art of Kalamkari, which has traveled through several generations of Indian weavers, results in organic-shaped intricacies. Boasting shades derived from natural earth elements such as flowers, bark and leaves enhances the color process with various effects, leaving behind a pattern that is impossible to replicate.

Hand-block printed textiles, although the slowest and simplest method, delivers geometric designs that are unique to this technique and are diligently detailed. Incorporating the practice of wooden block printing, this style emphasizes the heart and soul of the artisan with its precision and unyielding beauty.

Completing the variety of dying techniques is the Ikat method, for elaborate creations involving multitudes of color in a tie-dye fashion. Using a binding method to create patterns of precision, this premier form of Ikat consumes the most amount of labor and skill, which is evident in the finished garment.

Bouton Kids Ltd. can be found in a plethora of online articles ****** back as far as 2010. Creating a reputation for delivering high-quality children’s clothes that are as durable as they are fashionable. This Northern California children’s line has caught the eye of celebrities whose tastes are for fashion-conscious outfits for their kids, making this one of the trendiest lines on the West Coast.

Be sure to take some time to visit their website to discover the quality and uniqueness of their modern styles for your children.

For more information regarding this line of children’s clothing in Northern California, visit the company at the following website:

Company Name: Bouton Kids Ltd.
Address: Northern California

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