MRE Meal – The Perfect Emergency Disaster Food

Have you ever experienced a natural disaster? For those who have, they could let you know what a harrowing encounter it is to be holed up in your dwelling or shelter while awaiting the emergency crews to arrive. The specialists say that you just should have a 72 hour kit prepared as that is the length of time it could take the clean-up crew to clear the region. Can you really wait it out? Do you have water and enough food available? What occurs if the electricity goes out? Will you manage to prepare the food?

One of the most perfect food rations in crisis scenarios is the MRE or meals ready to eat. Originally, they were military but you can now additionally buy civilian MREs as well. There are little differences seeing as the makers are largely doing the same kind of company providing for the military and people.

Each package of an MRE is an entire meal including a main dish, side dish, dessert, bread or crackers and a spread. Additionally you get coffee, a drink mix and other items that are accessory. All food items contained, an MRE meal has on average more than a 1200 calories. To set it in perspective, the typical girl should have a daily food intake of 1500 calories while the average guy should consume 2500 calories. So if you’re a woman eating an MRE, that meal alone represents nearly your daily caloric consumption. Two MRE meals will do if you’re a guy. read here – MRE Giant

Possibly what is literally warming within an emergency situation is the MRE bundle also contains a flameless ration heater. Because it has a flameless heat source which is activated by water even if you’re without a source to warm your food, you’ll still have the ability to enjoy a hot meal having an MRE.

With all the talk of global warming and climate change, it should be warning enough for everyone to prepare by keeping their emergency supplies well stocked. Having a couple of cases of water and MRE jugs on hand will sustain until help arrives.

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