The Right repair management Software for your Business

Modern technology has made it possible to reach a much larger audience than ever previously possible for most small and even medium sized businesses.  However, this comes with its own issues.  During slow economic times service firms will often stretch their normal delivery area to ensure they attract enough business.  This can stretch resources and make it particularly difficult when the economy recovers and business improves.

The easiest way around these issues is to use repair management software.  The latest offering from CSOne ( is specifically designed to be used whilst on the move.  Your data is stored centrally on the cloud; meaning it is web based.  Your technicians in the field, receptionists in the office and even you meeting a new customer can all access the same information which is updated in real time.  You can even allow sub-contractors to see the information.

The repair management software does more than just connect you to your staff in the field.  It allows you to organize your staff, assist them and even have the customer sign off on a successful visit.  All files are automatically stored on the web securely; ensuring a good paper trail should you ever need it.

The software is specifically aimed at service companies who need to organize work requests quickly and allocate them according to priority and location of technicians.  In fact, this software will enable you to provide a better customer response and a better level of service.  Whether you specialize in installing equipment, repairing or maintaining; this system will allow you to see at a glance what is required and where everyone needs to be. It is incredibly easy to set-up and all the controls are very user friendly.

The fact that it is web based also means there is no need to occupy valuable space on your own servers; it is also a useful emergency back-up tool.

About CSOne

The software has been developed by a Japanese firm which has been operated for ten years successfully.  The firm is dedicated to providing the best possible solution to your management needs and recognizes how technology can play a vital part in this.  Despite being Japanese they offer a comprehensive customer support package including English support for their many international customers.

To ensure you are completely satisfied with their product and its capabilities they will even offer you a free trial.  Simply visit their site, or send them an email;

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