Absolute Integrated Health Center in Plainfield IL, Helps Locals Get Relief from Tension Headaches

Plainfield, IL – 21-September-2016 — Absolute Integrated Health Center, with two locations in Plainfield and Romeoville, IL, would like to announce that chiropractic doctors James Nakis, D.C., Matthew Schultz, D.C., and Dylan Reid, D.C. are offering treatments for relief from tension headaches to all local residents. In excess of 250,000,000 work days are lost every year due to headaches, at a cost of more than 25 billion dollars yearly. Here are some ways that a Plainfield Chiropractor can help area residents to relieve their tension headaches:

• Only 1 in 11,200 patients visiting a medical doctor for headaches will have a problem show up on expensive tests such as a CT or MRI. A Plainfield chiropractor knows that patients frequently experience headaches along with other chiropractic problems. Spinal bones in the neck that aren’t properly supporting the head can affect muscles, nerves, and even the blood supply to the head, and these doctors know how to treat tension headaches properly

• The severest headaches can be relieved when spinal subluxations (out of alignment spinal joints which irritate the nerves and don’t move well) and jaw problems are treated. Chiropractors are experienced in locating spinal curves, the posture and the ability of a patient to bend and turn. They will start a care program which consists of a schedule of chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments will reduce nerve irritation, improve circulation, and relieve tension headaches

• A Plainfield chiropractor is familiar with the two major types of headaches – tension headaches and migraines. He knows that headaches can bring sensations of pain everywhere in the body, and can frequently change personalities and moods. His treatment will consist of helping to correct the neuromuscular source of a headache. A special examination will be performed to determine if a tension headache is caused by, or aggravated by misaligned spine vertebrae, or subluxation

• Immediate relief for some patients is possible for many patients when chiropractic adjustments are started. If a patient’s headaches are determined to be from another cause, they will be immediately referred to another health care specialist. Retraining and strengthening the spine muscles over several visits can have a beneficial effect on many patients

• There are many things a patient can do at home to ease the pain of tension headaches. These include applying a cold compress or ice pack to the affected area to make it numb and help to alleviate the pain. Applying heat to the neck muscles and shoulders can help to relax muscles. A gentle massage of the back of the neck from time to time does wonders to reduce discomfort and stress. Avoiding noise and bright lights can also be beneficial.

Contact Absolute Integrated Health Center at our Plainville and Romeoville locations to take advantage of a complimentary consultation by a Plainfield chiropractor. This offer is being held for a limited time only, and the doctors are waiting to relieve pain caused by tension headaches. They also offer DOT physical exams, hydro massage, stretching, icing and heating, and many more natural treatments, all without the use of prescription drugs.
Contact Person Name: Dr. James Nakis, DC
Organization: Absolute Integrated Health SC
Address: 16310 South Lincoln Highway #124, Plainfield, IL 60586
Contact Telephone Number: (815) 782-8440
Email: info@absoluteintegratedhealthcenter.com
Website: http://www.absoluteintegratedhealthcenter.com

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