Orthopedic Surgeon Frisco For Knee Pain

Frisco, TX, 2016/ Press Release: If you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon to find relief from your knee pain, consider OrthoTexas, Frisco. The group of leading surgeons and doctors specialize in treating a wide range of medical conditions to help the patients lead a pain-free life.

The orthopedic surgeons at OrthoTexas, Frisco use advanced techniques to diagnose the underlying cause of the condition and provide effective treatment. They have extensive experience in treating various conditions such as ACL injury, Knee Arthritis, Torn Meniscus, Osteoarthritis, Plica Syndrome, Shin Splints etc. that may lead to knee pain.

Surgical Specialties At OrthoTexas, Frisco:

Knee Arthroscopy: The surgeon makes small incisions in the knee joint and inserts an arthroscope with an attached camera to look for any damages and perform the repairs. The surgery is commonly recommended to treat knee conditions such as Baker’s Cyst, Knee Dislocation, PCL Tear etc.

Knee Microfracture surgery: In this procedure, the surgeon uses a sharp pointed tool, known as awl, to make small holes (micro-fractures) in the knee bone. This is done to replace the damaged tissues in the bone.

Knee Replacement surgery: The procedure involves replacing the damaged tissues in the knee joint with artificial implants. Depending on the severity of the condition, the surgeon may perform total or partial knee replacement.

Knee Meniscectomy: The surgeon removes torn meniscus from the knee joint. The surgery is performed to alleviate pain and discomfort.

The orthopedic surgeons work with the physical therapists to devise customized rehab programs for each patient. These exercises not only provide strength but also restore the functionality of the knee joint.

To schedule an appointment with the orthopedic surgeons at OrthoTexas, Frisco, you can call at (214) 618-5502 or visit 5757 Warren Pkwy, Suite 180, Frisco, TX 75034. You can also log on to their website www.kneepainfrisco.com to know more.

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