Redondo Beach CA Chiropractor, Dr. Frank E. Kaden, Offers Natural Pain Relief Options

Redondo Beach, CA, 22-September-2016 — Since its infancy the medical approach of chiropractic theory has seen many changes and new approaches. Today there are plenty of differences that you can find between individual chiropractors you may be considering going to. Each has his or her own unique approach and focus to chiropractic care and treatments, but most will fall within one of three basic chiropractic types in Redondo Beach Chiropractic practices: Straight, Mixers, and Reformers.

Straight chiropractors call themselves the only true chiropractors and this is largely due to the fact that they limit their practice to spinal disorders and only focus on the neck and back. Straight chiropractors generally are very anti-scientific in their views and their stance is predominately a purely natural approach to healing.

They openly shun the modern medical methods and scientific basis for modern health care; they see it as an apathetic, mechanical, and non-personal approach to healing. They oppose medical extremes such as vaccinations and pills and take on a holistic and organic approach focusing on only spinal manipulation.

Mixers, when it comes to the Redondo Beach Chiropractic practices community, usually end up making up the bulk of chiropractors. They accept the idea that certain conditions are caused by viruses, disease, and outside forces not directly related to the spine. Mixers will prescribe homoeopathic and herbal remedies usually as a first approach to care, but they will also use non-spinal approaches such as acupuncture, massage, contour analysis, and other nature-based approaches that straight chiropractors shun as being too medically minded. They are often referred to as alternative treatment practitioners.

Occasionally chiropractic reformers will come along with a new idea, theory, or area of focus that causes Redondo Beach Chiropractic practices to develop a new and unique approach to spinal care.

Practitioners dealing with foot, head, hip and leg, physiological, rehabilitation, disease symptoms, biological or energetically issues, or any area outside of the spine itself are often grouped within the category of reformers. These Redondo Beach Chiropractic practices still carry the title chiropractor, even if they focus beyond the spine because they are recognized as a licensed profession and has its roots in true chiropractic care and practices.

You go through a lot in this life and the human body takes the brunt of the aggression every day. Aches and pains happen and there are few things that can will derail plans or stop you in your tracks the way back pain does. Pain of the spine is one of the most commonly cited reasons for doctor visits, missed days of work, and use for pain pills.

It can set off a chain reaction of problems throughout the entire body: leg cramps, shoulder locking, numbness and tingling, loss mobility, arm stiffness, muscle soreness and weakness, stiffness of joints, headaches, and a host of problems throughout the entire body. Whether it comes from an injury, over use, or a chronic condition, there is no need to just sit by and let the pain rule your life and rob you of the joy of doing the things you love. When the pain gets so bad you feel like giving up get your life back and start treating the pain completely and naturally! Stop living life in a haze of pain and enjoy the day to day activities again with the professional chiropractor services offered by your Redondo Beach Chiropractic team.
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