Barbara E. McNamara – A Highly Skilled Divorce Lawyer in Orange County

The Law Office of Barbara E. McNamara is one of the top family law firms in Huntington Beach, CA. McNamara is an experienced and skilled divorce lawyer who has been serving people all of the Orange County. She has nearly 20 years of experience in handling all kinds of divorce cases and also she is California State Bar Certified Family Law Specialist. If you and your spouse decided to end your marriage life, then you need a divorce attorney at your corner for further processes. As a divorce lawyer, McNamara will completely review your divorce case and assist you from filing a petition to final settlement.

Requirements for a Divorce

If you are living in Orange County or some other places in the state of California, then you and your spouse must meet the following requirements for filing a divorce petition:

  • Either you or your spouse must have lived in California for the last six months.
  • Either you or your spouse must have lived in the County where you plan to file a divorce for the last three months.
  • If you’ve lived in California for last 6 months, but in different counties for three months, then you can file in either county.
  • If you meet the residency requirements, first of all you need to file a Dissolution of Marriage with the superior court in the county where you lived last three months.
  • After a Dissolution of Marriage is filed, you have to wait for a mandatory period of six months before the divorce can be finalized on the court.

If you meet the about requirements, then you’re the eligible person to get the divorce from the court. Filing a petition for divorce is not an easy task; legal paperwork can sometimes be very confusing. Barbara E. McNamara will handle it for you and make sure everything is filled correctly. She is a seasoned divorce attorney will understand all the risks related to a divorce and she can make it painless as quick as possible.

About The Law Office of Barbara E. McNamara

The Law Office of Barbara E. McNamara is a well known family law office in Huntington Beach, CA. They are one of the certified law firms in Orange County, helped many individuals and families for over 19 years. They handle all types of divorce, including, contested divorce, uncontested divorce, military divorce and other types of separations. They will discuss about all of relevant possibilities in divorce case with the clients and deliver the best solution. To know more information, visit



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