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Medical malpractice and legal malpractice are very serious issues. The average person in society will rely on medical services and legal services throughout their lives, putting all of their trust into them and hoping for a favorable end result. When the individual comes to doubt the work of a professional, they can get worried and nervous about their case. At Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC (, the attorneys listen to their clients and help them understand whether or not they were actually a victim of malpractice and what they can do next.

Malpractice can come in all forms, but often in the medical world, malpractice is a mistake. Nonetheless, mistakes happen and they can cause very negative impacts on the patient. Examples of medical malpractice may include being wrongly diagnosed, prescribed or treated. In extreme cases, the patient may have even been the victim of medical malpractice during surgery, but this is generally more difficult to prove. Whatever the issue, Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC is there to help – their attorneys are experienced with medical malpractice cases and can guide their clients in the right direction.

Legal malpractice can be one of the hardest things to accuse someone of, especially if the victim doesn’t know the law inside and out. Generally, during a legal malpractice case, an attorney-client relationship has to be proven between the parties and the attorney has to have breached the ethical rules that a lawyer has to abide by. Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC has a few attorneys that are experienced with dealing with legal malpractice cases. Because they work with the law themselves, they know everything about it and will be able to advise their clients properly about whether or not they have actually been a victim of legal malpractice.

About Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC

Hamlin Dispute Resolution, LLC is a law firm founded by Mr. Frank S. Hamlin. The firm includes a group of attorneys who all specialize in mediating, which makes them a specialist company. They are the best place to go to in Arkansas when someone faces a conflict that they need resolving quickly. The team are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and have a lot of compassion for their clients and their cases, making their level of determination incredible and gaining them an excellent reputation in the local area.

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