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Divorce – It’s never easy. Getting a divorce can lead to a whole spectrum of different issues and conflicts that need to be resolved in order for both parties to move on with their lives as best as they can. Because divorce is such a sensitive issue, many people like to hire an attorney that is compassionate and cares about their clients. At Breedlove Law Firm (, that’s exactly what is done. Breedlove has been working with divorce law for many years and understands how sensitive the cases can be – she treats all of her clients with the upmost amount of respect and empathy.

Seeking a divorce attorney means that nobody gets left behind in the divorce – everyone is considered and thought about. Child custody, child support and spousal support are all important things that need to be contemplated during a divorce in order to make sure everyone is treated fairly and everyone can move on with their life as smoothly as possible. Breedlove Law Firm supports their clients in the decisions that they have made about their marriage, but the firm also keeps the family in mind and works to ensure that everyone is left with a fair result.

Mediation is the best way to solve a divorce; it’s been tested and proven. The process is a lot faster than taking the divorce to court and it can also be a lot less expensive for everyone involved. The process involves both parties and a licensed attorney (the mediator) to sit down and discuss the conflicts that need to be resolved in the divorce. Pamela N. Breedlove, of Breedlove Law Firm, helps her clients to come to a fair and equal agreement that benefits everyone involved.

About Breedlove Law Firm
Breedlove Law Firm is home to Bossier City attorney Pamela N. Breedlove, who has been working with family law for many years and gained her license in Louisiana in 1992. Since then, Breedlove has been working continuously to help people with their problems and she set up her own law firm in 2012 with the aim of helping as many people as she possibly could regarding their family law, civil and healthcare issues. Pamela Breedlove is an experienced mediator and excels in this field, leading many people to believe that she is one of the best.
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