Smart Sub – The Best Energy Management Software and Heat Separation System for Apartments

Installing our smart thermostats with the combination of our patent pending energy management software will help you to allocate usage for your residents. You can bill the residents for their exact usage and keep the one’s who do not pay on a leash.

We own and manage a portfolio of over 500 residential units throughout New York and New Jersey. With the help of our patent pending energy management software, we are able to save between 25%-30% on the heat cost for apartments that are under rent control or in areas where its not legal to charge residents back for their heat.

The cost for the system is a fraction to the standard heat separation investment and can be recoup in a single winter season.

Installation process:

The installation process of our lockable smart thermostat is pretty simple. It’s just like changing the thermostat. The thermostat is completely set when it is shipped, once you install the thermostat, you should be able to control and see the usage live in few minutes.


Once the system is in place you would be able to monitor resident usage online, export data onto the residents ledger where you can bill them for their individual use Smart Sub Energy can handle all billings aspects including mailing bills to residents and collections.


You chose between giving the residents full control and bill them for their usage or limit their access in case they do not pay the bill and therefore reduce the heat bills by 25%-30%.

About Smart Sub Energy:

Our company manages a portfolio of 500 residential units throughout New Jersey and New York. Similar to many owner operators we paid costly heat bills, watching our residents waste energy. This enabled us to develop a patent pending web-based software which measures  the amount of time each thermostat is on in a single month (run time) enabling us to accurately allocate usage per unit and charge back the residents. You can find more information about our product at



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