Accredited Public Adjusters, LLC for Water Damage Claims in Port Saint Lucie, FL

Accredited Public Adjusters, LLC is one of the leading insurance claims companies in Port Saint Lucie, FL. They are licensed public adjusters in Florida for water damage claims. They have many years of experience in handling insurance claims process and assisting several residential and commercial policyholders to settle the water damage claims. They will thoroughly investigate and detect the damaged assets by water. Their skilled professionals approach the insurance companies and recover the maximum amount for your losses.

How Insurance Company Refuses Water Damage?

Generally, water moves to lowest level and it can work its way into wall cavities, underneath flooring and behind the cabinets. It is difficult to see where the water goes. So some of the insurance companies, specifically in Florida can easily refuse the water damage and also they do not pay for damages, because they cannot see water damages. Water can damage a property and its contents like, furniture, drywall, insulation, framing and electrical systems. This could be financially damaging the property owners. But, with the help of talented public adjusters, you can claim the insurance for your water damage.

Accredited Public Adjusters, LLC uses the high end water detection tools such as, scoping cameras, moisture meters, and FLIR infrared cameras to detect the path of the water and damaged areas. They will collect and document all the evidences of water damage against insurance companies. This can increase your insurance amount and also get some funds from the insurance company, needed to repair the damaged areas. Their workers are a team of specialists certified by Southeastern Mold Institute Inc. for their expertise in perfect mold remediation procedures. They use proven assessment techniques to obtain the maximum settlement amount from the insurance companies.

About Accredited Public Adjusters, LLC

Accredited Public Adjusters, LLC is a certified public adjuster firm in Port Saint Lucie, licensed in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Timothy York is the founder of this firm and working as a public adjuster, he specialized in commercial and residential property loss adjusting. With highly skilled professionals, they help many people in Florida for water damage claims process. Their insurance claims service includes, water damage, fire damage, wind damage, storm damage, vandalism and more. To know more information water damage claims process, visit


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