Camino al Sol – Best Place for Healing with Ayahuasca Retreat

Camino al Sol is one of the best places for Ayahuasca healing retreats in Colombia and the United States. They are providing Ayahuasca healing ceremonies with the herbal plants such as, Ayahuasca and Chacruna from the Amazon forest. Shamans and elders in their community will guide people in each ceremony. They’re well trained healers and experts in preparing Yage medicines. In Colombia, they conduct Ayahuasca healing retreats in Santa Elena, Antioquia and in the US they provide healing retreats at Los Angeles, CA & Allenspark, CO.

What is Ayahuasca Retreat?

Ayahuasca is one of the sacred plants in the Amazon, which is used to prepare Yage medicine. Yage is a brew; it was slowly cooked by their Shamans in the open fire. They are providing Ayahuasca brew twice to the patients to recover from psychological illness. They believe this medicine allows people to recover their ancestral knowledge.

In Camino al Sol, Ayahuasca retreats start with an herbal plant bath which allows people to harmonize energy level. Before taking Ayahuasca healing, patients must control their eating level. Ayahuasca diets allow only light vegetarian foods with low level of salt and sugar for three days, before and after getting healed with Ayahuasca retreats. You are not permitted in the Ayahuasca retreat, if you are consuming of alcohol or any other drugs.

Ayahuasca Retreat Guidelines

Camino al Sol strictly follows the traditions with Elders in Colombia. They lead and guide people, because they have more than 40 years of experience in Ayahuasca healing retreats. If you want to get Ayahuasca healing retreats in the US or CO, then you need to follow some basic guidelines during the retreat process:

  • Don’t eat red or heavy meats
  • Do not consume strong beer, wine
  • Don’t eat pickled foods, dried fruits, non-fresh foods and smoked foods
  • Avoid drinking too much of water

About Camino al Sol

Camino al Sol is large spiritual communities for providing Ayahuasca healing retreats in the US and CO. Camino al Sol has always treated people like brothers and sisters. They have highly skilled healers who are experts in preparing sacred plant medicines. Their medicine product includes, Yage, Ambil and Mambe, these medicines are specially prepared by Camino al Sol community’s Shamans in Amazon. They only use Banisteriopsis caapi vine and Chacruna for Ayahuasca retreat. And also they don’t permit people when preparing medicines. For more information about Ayahuasca retreat, contact CO – 313-620-9251, US – 424-262-2473 and also visit,

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