Fully automatic papad making machine manufacturer

Nowadays, there are many companies that manufacture different types of papads and sell it in the market. Initially, the process of papad making was done manually where the company needs to hire labours for making papads of different type and size. But now, it has become easy to manufacture papads.


Kirtiraj Equipment is one of the India’s 1st company that manufactures different papad making machine. These machines have reduced the human efforts and have increased the profitability as well as the quality of the product. While manufacturing papad manually, there are chances of human errors like the size of the papad are not same or the quality of the papad differ and many such errors. Now, with the help of papad making machine Anand, have reduced these human errors. With the help of machines, the manufactured papad are of same size and quality.


Kirtiraj Equipment offers various papad making machines and all these machines are available in the showroom of the company. One of the machines which is manufactured by the company is Fully Automatic Papad Making Machine. The product code of this machine is FAPM 27 and the demand for this product is very high in the food industry as it is cost effective. Before delivering the machine to our client, the company first make the quality check of the machine using modern equipment so that our clients can get error free machine.


Installation of the machine is very easy as well as it is energy efficient. The clients, willing to install and use this machine do not need any high skilled labours. It is easy to use as well as comes up with high durability and also the maintenance cost is less.


The machine is basically installed by various industries like Hotel, Restaurant, Charitable Trust, Self Employed people and many such Laghu Gruh Udhyog. The main quality of this machine is, while operating the machine it makes less noise and even wastage of the product is also not done. It minimizes the power consumption as it needs only single phase. In the span of an hour, the machine can manufacture approx. 8 to 10 KGs papads.


Fully Automatic Papad Making Machine comes up with different models and diameter. The weight of the machine is approximately 650 KGs and it consumes about 3 to 6 litres of diesel in an hour. It becomes very easy to clean the machine after it is used.


Papad Making companies can order fully automatic papad making machine at reasonable rates. It becomes very easy for the papad making companies manufacture quality and same size of papads. Each time when they deliver papad in the market it tastes same as the previous one. The papad making machine reduces the work of labour and produces high quality papad.


Kirtiraj Equipment is a very old organization which manufactures various types of papad making machine which helps your business to grow your business in leaps and bounds. So order now the papad making machine which suits your business the best.

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