How to Keep Ants Away To Your Home Naturally?

Ants are the most notorious and irritating pests commonly available around houses and structural buildings. They usually get attracted towards protein and sugary foods. Thus, figuring out their presence is not so difficult, just present good food source they will directly come to your targeted place and through chasing their path you can easily reach to their colonies or nests.  To devastate them completely, you have to demolish their nests first as destroying solely is not the ultimate solution. Using insecticide spray, bait, apply aerosol and consider exterminator are some ideal solution to eliminate the ants’ problem completely. However, hiring Pest control Delray is another beneficial way to come over from ant issues.

But, if you don’t want to hire agencies and searching some natural and economic ways to eliminate ant issues, following are the ideal ways:

  • Apply lemon juice around the perimeter of ants colonies and see the results. This trick always works, as presence of acid spoiled their senses of trailing.
  • Applying peppermint essential oil to entrance area of your home like windows and doors will not only keep ants away as well as remove bad odor of your house and smells amazing. Sometime pest control Delray also suggests the usage of peppermint oil or solution.
  • Ants like sugar but when you add this with water, peanut butter and borax it will become aneffective ant killer insecticide spray. So, try it now. You just need to apply this stuff on tiny pieces of cardboard and put around the entrance path. This stuff will keep ants away from your house.
  • People usually use coffee grounds to prepare coffee but only few of them aware that coffee grounds can keep house free from the ant invasion. All you just requisite to put coffee ground near cracks they will never return to your home.
  • Vinegar is commonly available to home due to its immense health benefits and unique taste which make food extremely tasty. But, vinegar is great insecticides spray too, just spray near the cracks, around their colonies and entrance path, they will never come back to your place. However, apply several times a day to enjoy complete eradication of ants to your home.

Besides all of the above practices, effective sanitation practices are the crucial ways to keep ants and other pests away to your home. Any kind of leaks, scraps and compost shouldn’t be there in kitchen as it invites ants to your home. So, maintain hygienic environment with help of pest control Delray to make your house ant and pests free.

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