Self-management: 10 rules to become an attentive and effective worker

Universities from all over the world graduate millions of excellent students every year. Most of them have diplomas with distinction and almost everyone can be called a good specialist in his professional sphere. However, many employers have the problem to find a really good employee. Why does such a problem still exist? The thing is that the notion “a good worker” includes not only knowledge or skills but also self-organization and other personal characteristics of an employee. So, to have a successful career, it is better for a person to know basic rules of self-organization.

  1. Try to plan all important activities in a way nobody or nothing could distract you. Very often office workers are deprived of bonuses when a time tracker installed on their computer shows low effectiveness of their work. Sometimes this even doesn’t mean that an employee isn’t hard working. The reason of such a fail is that a person just distracts on telephone calls or on a chat with colleagues. But the results of his activities shown on a time tracker report are not satisfactory. So, in order to be effective one should not get distracted.
  1. Work place arrangement. It is also very important to arrange your work place in a way you could reach all necessary things easily. That’s not only about office supplies but also about computer files and programs. It is better to think ahead about all necessary software or files you need for work. If it is possible and the information about your effectiveness from a time tracker is available for you, you’d better check your results from time to time. You may feel like you’ve done a lot of tasks but a time tracker won’t lie if you haven’t done enough. A time tracker can motivate you to make a push and to put up with your laziness.
  1. Be aware of everything that concerns your concrete task. If you are not well informed of news, details or other information you just can make many serious mistakes. Never start doing anything before checking up to date information. Sometimes it would be better even to revise everything you’ve done a day before. Sometimes some well-organized people download reports of their activities from a time tracker in order to follow the same plan of actions to be more effective.
  1. Regular change of activities. The more we work the faster we get distracted. So try to change your activities every 2 hours or so. But try to get a result from each kind of activity. That will help you to be more effective and to get the first place among your colleagues in a time tracker rating.
  1. Self control. The fifth, the most difficult and the most important rule of self organization is self control. Try to control your attention. If you feel that attention is disappearing try to start your task again. Consciousness in your work is what you need to become not only a good worker but the best-organized and the most effective specialist in your company.

Finally, your career and, of course, your salary will show you that it works for you. Have a good luck!

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