Office Equipment, School Furniture (Wooden)

Applications are invited for the registration of reputed Government affiliated Business Establishments, Government Departments, State Corporations, Local Authorized Agents, Co-operative Societies, Suppliers to Production Institutions, Business Establishments and Contractors to obtain the following Supplies and Services to the Ministry of Finance & Planning, Law & Order, Education, Local Government, Lands, Power & Energy, Construction, Rural Infrastructure of the Uva Province. Tendersontime, a leading business leading Tender Notice Portals is the first agency to report this notification.

Separate applications for registration should be submitted for Supplies / Services in relation to each Group and a sum of Rs. 500/ -should be paid in cash to the Accountant of the Ministry for each Application. Applications can be obtained during normal working hours on Government working days.

The right to accept or reject Applications for registration rests with the Secretary of the Ministry.

Quotations will be called from the registered Suppliers when necessary and the right to call for open quotations rests with the Secretary of the Ministry.

Those Applicants who apply for payments before handing over the items to the Ministry and the applicants who make requests to provide advances for Supplies and Services will not be considered for registration. Applications will be issued only till II th November 2016. Perfected applications should be sent by Registered Post on or before 18th November 2016 addressed to Secretary, Ministry of Education, Uva Provincial Council. On the top left hand corner of the envelope the words “Registration of Suppliers” should be mentioned.

Group No. 01 – Furniture and Office Equipment

1.1 Office Equipment, School Furniture (Wooden)

1.2 Office Equipment, Classroom Equipment (Steel)

1.3 Office Equipment, Classroom equipment (MDF / Melamine) Group No. 02 – Equipment

2.1 Typewriters, Adding Machines, Photocopy Machines, Roneo Machines, Fax Machines

2.2 Computer Printers, Photocopy Machines, Roneo Machines and ibner

2.3 Telephones and Internal Systems

2.4 Electrical Equipment and Electronic equipment 2.5 Computers and Computer accessories

2.6 Stationery

2.7 Steel Corrugated Sheets

2.8 Plastic Water Tanks

2.9 Papers required for Printing Industry, Boards and kinds of Paint (Offset)

Group No. 03 – Vehicle Spare Parts

3.1 lyres and Tithes

3.2 Batteries

3.3 vehicle spares (for all kinds of vehicles i

Group No. 04 – Equipment related to Education Subjects 4.1 Educational Books and Magazines

4.2 Chemicals and Equipment required for the Laboratory 4.3 Sports Equipment and Sports Garments

4.4 Equipment required for the lbaching of Home Science. Electronic Agriculture and Aesthetic subjects

Group No. 05 –

Servicing and Repairs of Vehicles and Machinery

5.1 Air-conditioners and Retrigeraton.

5.2 Power Generators

5.3 Electrical Equipment

  1. a) Computers and accessories
  2. b) Photocopying Machines

0) Fax Machines

  1. d) Adding Machines
  2. e) Typewriters (Electric and Manual)
  3. f) Printers
  4. g) Cameras and accessories

5.4 Office furniture and equipment

5.5 Motor Vehicles (Petrol and Diesel)

  1. a) Repair and Painting
  2. b) Servicing
  3. c) Services rendered mechanically when repairing engines. 5.6 Repair of Electrical System and Wiring

5.7 Repair of Computer Network System

5.8 Computer Software

Group No. 06 – Other Services

  1. Survey of School Lands
  2. Inspection of Electrical Systems.

The applications submitted according to the Specimen issued from this Ministry for the Supplies and Services only will be considered for registration and the requests made by way of other letters will not be considered for registration.

For further details, please call on +91-9218088010, +91-9218540407 or email at or register on the website:

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