Spray Tans Are Effortless with Gotham Glow

Spray Tans Are Effortless with Gotham GlowGetting a tan in New York can be very easy process with Gotham Glow. Founded by Tamar Vezirian and located in New York, NY, Gotham Glow has created a new and innovative way to get the glow desired from a tan by way of spray. The product they created is natural and odorless and the technicians that perform the services are highly trained in determining which type of tone is right for each individual. Many people are concerned about uneven skin tones that can often happen when tanning. With Gotham Glow (https://www.gothamglow.com/) this is not a concern, as the experienced technicians know how to evenly coat giving each person the even tone, making it look more natural.

As New York is a fast-paced city, the people are often very busy throughout the day. With a spray tan at Gotham Glow, they do not have to worry about having to spend a long period of time in a booth. With a spray tan, the whole process takes about 20 minutes and then back to life. For those that don’t even have the time to get to the salon, Gotham Glow offers mobile tanning. This means that the technician will come to the person’s home to perform the tanning session. So, even the busiest person can have the skin tone they want with the services of Gotham Glow without leaving the house.

Some people may feel that their skin tone is too light to have a tan; or maybe they feel it is too dark. This is not a problem at Gotham Glow. There are different levels of tan that allow each individual person to have the most natural look while still giving them the glow they are looking for. The most common and most natural option is the signature “Gotham Glow”. This gives the most genuine looking tan to complement the skin. The result is as if you have been eating and sleeping well so it’s that little boost that really kicks up your confidence level. Regardless of the look, Gotham Glow has the spectrum covered with tones like Micro Glow that almost seem like makeup for the body all the way to Macro Glow for those who want to glow deep. Anyone looking to get a quick tan, whether they need it for a special event or if they just want to have a different skin tone, the services at Gotham Glow will make the process effortless and quick.

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