Divorce in New York Is Easier Than Ever Before

Sabra Sasson’s Mediation Services Are Relieving People of Their Stress

Having a divorce can have devastating impacts not only the couple who are getting the divorce, but also on  their family. Divorces are commonly expensive, long and do not get the desired result for most people. This is why many people are deciding to go through a mediation process instead of a lengthy courtroom battle – mediation is a lot faster, easier and it is less expensive for both parties. Sabra Sasson (http://www.new-york-divorce-mediation.com/), based in New York, provides divorce mediation services for all couples that are seeking a divorce. She provides a friendly, fast, inexpensive and peaceful service.

If the relationship between the couple who are going through the process of divorce is particularly bad, going through divorce mediation may help the parties to understand each other a little more and to be at peace with each other. Similarly, divorce mediation can also help to maintain friendly relationships that may already be present. Sabra Sasson believes that approaching the divorce in a peaceful manner is the best thing to do as it can help the parties come to a fair conclusion and will help to keep the family together as much as possible.

Minimizing the risk for the children is one of the most important things about getting a divorce, but it can also be one of the scariest parts. The couple may worry about who will have custody of the children, child support and also spousal alimony. Mediation is the best way to solve these worries and aims to assist couples to come to a mutually beneficial conclusion so that both of them get to see the children, but also it makes sure that each person is able to live independently. Sabra Sasson works with divorcing couples on a regular basis and understands what makes a fair agreement. She makes sure that all of her clients get the very best that they can.

About Sabra Sasson, Sabra Law Group

Sabra Sasson is an attorney and divorce mediator based in Manhattan, New York. She has spent much of her time helping couples to regain their peace and to make sure that they come to a resolution that benefits not only them, but also their family and their children. Sasson is passionate about her work and always ensures that her clients are happy with the agreement.

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