Bossier City Has Access to LA’s Best Divorce Attorney

Thousands of people get divorces every day, but that does not mean it is an easy process. Within that thousands of people, many of them are going through a very bad time in their life and they need the support from an expert attorney who can help them through this difficult situation. Pamela Breedlove is the best attorney in Bossier City – she has helped many people to resolve the disputes within their divorce. Breedlove ( recommends that all of her clients choose to go through a mediation process, as it is a lot friendlier than a nasty battle in a courtroom.

A lot of people have heard of mediation, but not many people really know what it is, which can make it very daunting to approach. Quite simply, mediation is a process in which the divorcing parties sit down with an attorney who will act as the mediator. The parties will discuss their disputes with each other and with the mediator in a calm and peaceful manner. This helps to maintain any positive and peaceful relationships that the couple may have. Before long, both involved parties and the mediator decide on an agreement that is fair and beneficial for both of them. Pamela Breedlove is a professional mediator and she helps people to mediate their resolves successfully on a day to day basis.

There are often some serious disputes when it comes to divorce that need to be handled and resolved in a careful, empathetic manner. These disputes may be able child custody, child support and even alimony. Pamela Breedlove listens to each party’s side of the situation and helps them come to a conclusion which is fair, beneficial and peaceful in order to maintain a family relationship between everyone who is involved.

About  Breedlove Law Firm

Pamela Breedlove is the founder and only attorney who works at the Breedlove Law Firm. Although the firm is not very old, Breedlove has been licensed to practice law in Louisiana and Georgia for over 24 years, making her one of the most experienced attorneys in the area. She has a lot of knowledge on divorce and mediation and in recent years has chosen to specialize in this area, providing her clients with the highest possible standard of work, advice and mediation services.

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