The Less Expensive Way to Get a New Look with The Contractors Inc.

When people decide to remodel their kitchen, they quickly find out that it can get very costly to perform. There is a much less expensive way to make a kitchen look like it has been remodeled without actually going through the long and costly process. At The Contractors Inc. (, serving several areas in Virginia, including Fredericksburg; the way to get a ‘new’ kitchen at one-third the cost is cabinet refacing!

Refacing cabinets is not only the less costly route when trying to get a new look, it is also much more environmentally friendly. This is because there aren’t nearly as much waste produced when refacing than there is when a full remodel is done. With refacing you get a new door, box keep your cabinet boxes.  Also, the time it takes to reface cabinets is far less than replacing cabinets. Refacing can be done in as little as one day! While a remodel can take a lot of time and cause the area to be off-limits. Not only will refacing provide more value to the home, it also provides the desired look and feel for a lot less money.

Using the services at The Contractor’s Inc. can ensure that the job will be done right the first time. The professionals at the company do all their own work and do not sub contract. They have 25 years of experience in the field and they work hard to achieve the best outcome for every client served. The business was grown from the ground up and every client they provide services to is equally important. The goal is give the client what they desire with the smallest amount of time and money invested. All the while, producing the best looking results to make everyone feel comfortable in their new space.

While renovation can quickly become very expensive, anyone planning to do so can find that refacing provides the same feel without the high cost. There are other benefits to cabinet refacing as well. For instance, while cabinets are being refaced The Contractors Inc. can assist with adding new elements to the area. The Contractors Inc. can install new countertops, shelves, cabinets, lazy-susans’, and backsplashes. All options can optimize the space used and leave the client feeling like they are in a completely different room.

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