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Lien Design is one of the leading graphic design companies in San Diego, CA who providing the various branding techniques including, print advertisement, brochure design, graphic design to improve the online presence of your business. They have nearly two decades of experience in graphic design and work closely with top companies in California. Their highly talented technicians assisted businesses of all sizes in improving the sales of the products and services through their innovative graphic designs. They will communicate and explaining the projects from start to finish with their clients in every step of the way.

Lien Design has got many awards in the branding and graphic designing field. Previously they have done the graphic design works to over 500 companies in the United States. If you want to highlight your business advertisement around the world, then Lien Design will do for you with perfectly design your ads, including your logo, colors, fonts, textures and more.

Design Services

They have experienced graphic designers to create well-designed print ads, innovative brochure designs to reach the target audience. With the proper design, they will assist you by strategically placing your company ads in the print medium including, magazines, newspapers, brochures. Compared with other firms, they are the unique designers to deliver the advertisement on-time at a reasonable price. They provide all services in designing field for their clients including the top branded companies in the US, such as Pepsi, Gatorade, Glaxo Smith Klein, Kimberly Clark and Miller Brewing Company.

Lien Design is expertise in other designing services, like Package design, Logo design, Label design, Booklets, Billboards, Business Cards, Catalogs, Custom Photography, Custom Illustration, 3D Renderings, Posters, Website designs, Banner Ad design and more. Most of the designing companies just take templates and slightly changing it. But in Lien Design, they do communicate with clients and also explain all about the designing process, and then they are creating new design.

About Lien Design

Lien Design is a well known graphic design firm in San Diego, CA. Since 1998, they have been providing strategic print advertisement and brochure design services to various business clients. First of all they will satisfy their clients’ expectations and then they do the designing process. They receive many awards for their innovative and unique graphic designs around the world. To know more about their print advertising services, visit



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